Back From Vacation

I got back to town yesterday after spending 5 days in New York. It was the first trip I've taken that I didn't take my computer. Other than a few Facebook and Instagram updates, I unplugged and it felt pretty darn good. I also didn't do my hair once on the trip. Random fact, but a first for me that I must make note of. Can I just say that it's been so great not to use a hair dryer for 5 straight days?! :)

It was a fun-filled trip. Not only did I get to visit my cousin, I also spent quality time with old and new friends. I got over feeling upset and sorry for myself about CIM. Now I just feel indifferent, which I'm not sure is any better.

Walking around the City for 12+ hours a day for multiple days in a row really wasn't a good idea for my knee. It still hurts and feels like it needs to be supported. I also hurt in other areas on my right leg now, no doubt as a result of compensation for it.

I've had zero desire to run, although I did attempt it once and it did not go well. However, I am looking forward to getting back to yoga and seeing what kind of effect it has upon it. I haven't gone to a yoga class in almost 2 weeks and I am dying to take a class. It's so funny that I rarely ever went to yoga, and now I feel like I can't live without it.

I'll try to do a post of my trip highlights soon. It'll be a busy week as I'm home for 4 days before I fly to LA for more holiday fun.