Back Into the Groove

First day back of getting into the groove... I had a hard time going to bed early (i.e., I didn’t), which made it that much harder to wake up this morning. My alarm went off as usual at 4:45 am, but it was another 45 minutes until I dragged myself out of bed. I ate a quick breakfast and was out the door a few minutes before 6 am.

While I was sad that my vacation was over, I was happy to be home so I could get back into my normal routines...

Like my usual running route around my neighborhood. Surprisingly, Vancouver wasn’t that friendly of a running town. After being attacked by mosquitoes on my run at Lacamas, I mapped out a bunch of alternate neighborhood routes. But when I did drive-by’s to scout them out, all I found were sidewalks that abruptly ended; little to no shoulders on the road; and hard, uneven dirt with patches of grass with holes in them. Such a bummer because they have long stretches of road that go on for miles. I attempted to run on these roads a couple of times but the entire time I was preoccupied with where I was stepping or if cars could see me. Not really fun at all.

It really made appreciate my little route around the lagoon and made this morning’s run even more enjoyable than usual. 56 degrees and overcast sure helped too! :)


With a good run under my belt, I headed into work not quite as down as I expected to be. I knew it would be a busy catch-up day, and the 652 emails waiting for me did not disappoint. But I did good! By the end of the day I was down to <25!

It was also good to get back on my normal eating schedule. In addition to lunch, every day I pack a whole day's worth of snacks that I bring to work with me. I recently realized that I am a "bored eater" and snack when I am uninterested in what I'm doing. This tends to happen at work from time-to-time so I only pack stuff like fruit, nuts, hard-boiled eggs and yogurt so that I have no choice but to snack on healthy food. I even have reminders scheduled on my Outlook calendar reminding me when its time to eat. Yes, I'm OCD like that.

My normal "Monday routine" would have been to go to Yoga Tune-Up tonight. Having skipped last week's class I was really looking forward to it, but by the end of the day I was mentally exhausted and just couldn’t bring myself to go. Its too bad because it would have been great for my aches and pains. To compensate, I spent the first 4 innings of the Giants game stretching, rolling, and trying not to let this team stress me out...

Its gonna take a while to fully ease back into things.