Back to Business

I did it! I survived my first full day back at work. As much as I was dreading it last night, it felt good to get back into my regular routine. I woke up at 4:56 am, 4 minutes before my alarm was to go off. I always have a 10-15 minute cushion, so I took advantage of every last second before I dragged myself out of bed. I don’t know about you, but I have my mornings timed down to the minute.

5:15 – breakfast, check emails and usual web sites 5:32 – change clothes, make bed, wash up 5:40 – out the door and off to the gym

Today I went to Shift ‘n Lift, a class that incorporates spinning and free weights, like circuit training. Today’s workout alternated 4 minutes on the spin bike and 4 minutes of weights and core exercises. Perhaps it wasn’t the best class to take in my first gym workout of the New Year. Twenty minutes into the class and I was already glancing at the clock, wishing it would move faster. But alas, I survived, stronger and sweatier.

Shockingly, work wasn’t too painful either. It was a quiet day (did I miss the memo that today was also a holiday?), and I was somewhat productive, but by 1 pm, I was ready for nap. Yet somehow, I survived that too.

Only to move on my Monday night Yoga class, that I’ve committed to going to every week. Well, turns out, we had a sub, which really bummed me out because I love the regular yoga instructor. His style of teaching is very nurturing and relaxed. Sadly, I never found my Zen tonight, but the stretching did make my hips happy.

So a few new things I want to share with you:

1. My Bad Angel: This is my new Tumblr site! I started a Tumble site last year, but didn’t keep up with it, forgot my login credentials and was never able to recover it. So during the holiday break, I started a new one!

I’m going to use it to post stuff like photos, videos, quotes, links – things I want to share, but not necessary write a whole post about. It has its own RSS feed, and I also added a link to it on my blog here.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the name, “My Bad Angel” was the brainchild of my friend Valynne’s daughter. They graciously are letting me use it. Like Maile, I think of it as the “random voices in my head.” This site will be a testament what a random thinker I am. BTW, you really should follow Valynne's blog for some serious entertainment. Her kids are the best!

2. During the holidays I also developed an addiction to Instragram. It’s a cool way of sharing photos. And it makes all the lame photos on my iPhone suddenly look creative.

One of the biggest challenges of blogging for me is to find photos to go with my posts (because I was the dummy who picked the Wordpress template that has to have a photo with every post). So now I’m going to include an Instagram with every post. It may have nothing to do with the content of it, but at least it’ll be my very own piece of “artistry.”


Photo of a plane leaving SFO, taken from my office parking lot.

3. If you would so be inclined, please check out my friend Sam’s brand new blog! She’s a master swimmer, fashionista with impeccable taste, and one of my favorite people. She chronicling her year of trying new things like taking ballet, getting back into the pool and learning to speak French! She’s just getting started, so now’s the perfect time to follow along and see how she progresses!