Back to Running...

My past couple of posts have deviated to other topics, but now, back to running. I really enjoyed the Seattle Rock 'n Roll event - it was fun and very well-organized. They did a good job of keeping us motivated in the months leading up to the race. So it only makes sense to run another RnR event. The next one coming up on the West Coast is the San Jose Half-marathon in October, but since I'm still not 100% healthy I'll participate as a volunteer. I'm very excited to see the behind-the-scenes efforts that go into putting on a race.

Instead, my next half is going to be the Rock 'n Roll in Vegas in December.


One of the perks of running the event is a free online training program with New Balance. I signed up for the 14-week training program two months ago, when I registered for the race.

And everyday since then, I've received daily emails telling me that it was a rest day. After a while, I just deleted the emails without reading them. But yesterday morning I noticed there was actually an assignment! My program started on Monday and I didn't even realize it. 14-weeks got here way too fast! I used this program to train for Seattle. Its great - you get:

- a daily email with your assignment for the day - a calendar with your training schedule - the ability to log your workouts and analyze your progress - plus lots of tips and ideas

So what did I miss?

Let's see, on Monday I was supposed to do an easy 45-minute run. Well I fell 15-minutes short. I intended to run 6 miles but 15-minutes into the run, I realize I had a physical therapy appointment at 7 am so I had to cut it short and only ran 3 miles (30 minutes).

Tuesday was a cross-training day. The program lists this as cycling, swimming, pilates, yoga, strength training, elliptical trainer and spinning - basically anything that is non-running. Well I hope Body Pump counts cause that was my Tuesday workout.

And yesterday, I actually planned to skip running and go to Golds instead. Jozi talked about maybe teaching Body Combat, instead of Body Step. I haven't taken Body Combat in months and I miss it so much that I was tempted to go -- even though I probably shouldn't (my physical therapist would not be happy). But my training called for a 45-minute medium intensity run so I decided to stick with the program, since I'd already missed the first two days. To change things up a bit, I ventured off my normal course and ran through some neighborhoods. There were a lot of barking dogs - I don't think the residents were very happy. But I was happy with my run - 5 miles, 45 minutes.

Today is another cross-training day. I'll be at BP again but I also hope to get an evening yoga class in. I have not practiced yoga regularly in months and my body is screaming for it to keep me loose and limber. I need to get back to regular practice.

Swimming classes ended last week and I haven't been doing any evening workouts. And I can feel the difference and it makes me feel like such a slug. I tried to go to my pool but there's kids there and I can't swim without someone crashing into me. I think I need to go back to the public pool for lap swim.

One final update on last weekend's 5K at AT&T Park...

The results and race photos were just released. I was pleased to find out I finished in the Top 22%. But I felt robbed when I saw my photos. My thunder was stolen by this lady in front of me. But at least I got this one with Yvette.