Back to "School"

not this morning's sunrise, but what it pretty much looks like every day
not this morning's sunrise, but what it pretty much looks like every day

The air felt different on this morning's run, like the seasons are already changing. And the sun didn't even rise until 6:13 am. So late.

Contrary to the title of this post, I am not going back to school. But it is already August, which always puts me in a "back to school" mentality, as in playtime is over, it's time to get back to work.

I didn't set any monthly goals in June or July. It felt like summer vacation and it was GREAT! I think we all need periods like that from time-to-time. But now I'm ready to buckle down and get focused again.

So starting today, I'm doing a 31-day Challenge of the following:

1. No refined sugar from August 1st to December 9th

I did so well from January to May, then hot weather came around and I found myself eating lots of cool, sugary summer treats.

After having a Ghirardelli sundae this past Monday...

Ghirardelli sundaes
Ghirardelli sundaes

...I made a pact with my cousin Jenna that it would be the last time I have refined sugar until she comes back from China in December.

Whether I can stick it out for that long remains to be seen (can I really skip pie at Thanksgiving?!) but for now I'm focusing on the next 31 days.

2. Record my diet for all 31-days

I find that for me to maintain a balanced, healthy diet it really helps to keep a food log.

I've used several different tools but over the past nine years I've had the most success using Calorie King so I'm back to using it again. I've sporadically kept a log, often slacking on the weekends when I need it most! So I'm challenging myself to keep a complete log this month.

3. Complete Oprah's Meditation Challenge

I completed Oprah's Meditation Challenge in March. It was my first experience with meditation and was such an enjoyable experience. So when I read that she and Deepak Chopra are doing another 21-Day Meditation Challenge, I signed up for it. You should too.

Other goals I am loosely targeting but won't hold myself accountable if I keep them or not:

+ Yoga 2-3 times per week: recurring goal that I know I won't keep this week and next because of my swim lessons + No Oiselle or Lulu purchases this month: let's be honest here, this isn't likely to be kept + Finish 2 books: if you only knew how many half read books I have on my Kindle you'd understand this one

Historically August has a really big month for me. This year it will mark my 15th San Francisco-versary, as well as my 6th Blog-iversary.

I'm looking for this year's August to be no different!