Begin Again

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2014 was my most inconsistent year of blogging. My desire to blog was there, but my motivation waned because many of the blogs I read ended or just stopped blogging altogether. That and because blogging can be hard work and I got super lazy. After being on a computer all day for work, the last thing I found myself wanting to do was be to on one in the evenings.

But then something exciting happened. I had signed up for a 28-Day Group Health program that I learned about from Sarah’s (one of the organizers) blog. Last night was the kickoff for it. We had a Google Hangout where we introduced ourselves and shared what our goals for the program and what we hoped to get out of it.

All of a sudden I found myself uplifted and inspired. I was with a group of like-minded people who spoke the same “talk” that I did. I felt a sense of community again - people that I could connect with, who I could learn, share and even commiserate with.

Some people might say, “Isn’t that what your friends are for?” Yes, they are, but truth be told my friends don’t always relate to some of my passions, challenges or experiences. They have been there to support and encourage me, but they don’t “get” it.

This is why I love blogging. Because through blogging you can find "your" people and connect with them.

It was so nice to feel that again. So this year, I will try to work on getting back into the business of blogging consistently.

Along with blogging I've also written down a few other habits that I want to work on:

1. Frugality 2. Minimalism 3. Random Acts of Kindness

The first two goals are in preparation for the inevitable fact that I'll likely be making a big move at the end of this year (more on that later).

And the third goal because it makes others feel good, and makes me feel good in return. And we all want to feel joy and happiness, right?

Like the past few years, I'll again be setting smaller monthly goals that align to these to help me stay focused throughout the year.