Begin Where I Am

In the Spring I had grand visions of lots of long summer runs where I ran watch-free and didn't care about mileage or pace or distance. I wanted to have a couple of months of carefree running, the way I did before I ever ran a race. Kimra calls it "Running Stupid", and that's exactly what it is. Suffice to say that my summer hasn't gone exactly as planned, yet I kind of feel like it did because in a way, I'm back to where I began. And by that I mean I feel like I'm starting over with a clean slate. Injury forced me to take more rest over the past 9 weeks than I ever would have without the injury. And for the past 7 weeks (and counting) I've been going to physical therapy and working on building a mind-body connection. My physical therapist promised that if I kept up with my exercises, I'd start to see muscle changes in 8-10 weeks. That promise has motivated me to do my PT exercises every single day - and sometimes twice daily. So now we are approaching 8 weeks and I am feeling much better, stronger even.

Now is the time to see where I am at and if my hard work has paid off. This is where my Summer begins.

This Sunday I'm running my "home town" SFM 2nd Half Marathon and I am so excited for it! However, I know that I am in no shape to "race" this race and have no illusions of a PR, or anything close to it. That being said, I know I am strong enough to run it and it is an opportunity to have a long, supported run. It's also the perfect opportunity to gauge where I am at as I start to train for Fall races.

Looking to the Fall...

Having trained for 5 marathons, started 4 and finished 3, I've decided that I need to be more selective with my races this year. I'm tired of working hard through a training cycle and not being able to get to the Finish Line, let alone the Start Line. With that in mind, I have just 2 races on my Fall schedule.

The first one is the San Jose Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon on October 7th. It's 10 weeks after SFM, which gives me time to get back into shape. It's also 4 weeks before the second race on my calendar, and the one I am more focused on - the New York Marathon.

I have a cousin running NYCM, family flying out for it and comp'd hotel rooms for a few nights so it only made sense for this to be my "one and done" year to run it. To be able to do so, I joined the National Stroke Association's Challenge Team and am raising funds to help stroke victims and build programs for stroke education. Having had so many family members suffer strokes, it's something that I strongly support.

Running for a cause greater than my own has given me a different perspective on preparing for this race.

People are generously making donations to support my cause with the faith that I'll be able to complete this challenge. I don't take this lightly. This time I am running for a greater purpose and feel a greater sense of responsibility. With this in mind it is important for me to listen to my physical therapist, coach, trainer and most importantly my body.

So as I go into this weekend and beyond, I'm erasing from my mind everything that's happened in the past. I'm beginning where I am now and hope to train smart so I can make to the Start Line and happily make it to the Finish.

I plan to document this training cycle more closely than previous ones so that those who have donated to my fund can follow my training progress. So if you should feel so incline, join us on this latest journey of mine!