Blah Miles

Workout: 7-miles

I live in one of the best places in the Bay Area. Seriously, I do. It’s centrally located between the City, South Bay and East Bay. The temps are almost always cool, and there are lots of lagoons and waterways that I run along. But one thing that sucks is the wind. This area is right along the bay and is very windy. Like extremely windy. It sucks to run in it, which is exactly what happened tonight.

I was at work before 6 am today so I left around 3:15 pm and headed to the high school track. Yep, it was windy, but manageable. After running 21 miles on pavement last Saturday, I wanted the softer surface. But almost 2 miles in the high school track team started they workout and kicked me off. How rude. Can’t they share?

So I came home and headed out for remaining 5-miles through the ‘hood. It was so hard. I fought the wind the entire way; it was even worse at home. And it didn’t even matter what direction you ran in because the wind swirled every which way. It was like running against a wall.



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