Body Pump + Body Combat

BODYPUMP™ is a Les Mills barbell class that is designed to strengthen the entire body. Every class is a 60-minute workout that challenges all major muscle groups by using the exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls. I take this class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and I love it! Since I stopped working out with my trainer Dave, I needed a structured environment to work with weights and Body Pump is the perfect workout for this.

Each class has 10 tracks choreographed to music that cover every major muscle group in the body. The objective of the class is to build endurance and strength and ultimately, burn calories. The class sequence usually is:

1. Warm-up 2. Legs/squats 3. Chest 4. Back 5. Triceps (usually my favorite track) 6. Biceps 7. Lunges 8. Shoulders 9. Abs 10. Cool-down

I've been taking Body Pump for a little over two years, but recently took a 3 month hiatus while I rehabbed from my hamstring injury. I've been back at it for almost two months now and couldn't love it more.

The music is motivating and often my main source for songs to add to my running play list.


Jozi is my Body Pump instructor and I love her! She is so fun, and inspiring, and pushes me to give more every time. We share a love for Lululemon, Facebook and have the same taste in workout music!

I've not only taken Body Pump from her, but I've also taken her Body Step, Spin and (my all-time favorite) Body Combat classes.

I love Body Combat so much - I can get out all of my aggression while getting the heart pumping! Unfortunately, I haven't done Body Combat for the past three months. I've been afraid to go back to it since I got injured. I'm worried that the kicks and jumps will re-aggravate my injuries. Jozi tells me I can modify and take it down a level, but I just don't think it would be as fun. I told her I would feel like a wimp.

But once I get thru this second round of physical therapy, I hope I can be back again. These are great cross-training workouts for runners.

Here's are previews of what Body Pump and Body Combat classes are like:

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