bye bye baby


its the eve of the sf giants 2009 season. not much is expected of this team, but hey, its opening day; we celebrate the start of the season! the one day where everyone is even, when everyone has a chance.

my gang and i went to the game last friday, preseason vs the a's. it was a typical night game in san francisco -- cold, windy -- croix de at&t. and you know what, we wouldn't have it any other way.

there's a few new things at the park - most notably, the ghirardelli stand where they sell deluxe $5 hot chocolate (that of course i had to have) and $8 hot fudge sundaes.

everything costs at least $1 more - thanks to that zito contract.

and i was DEVASTATED to see that my macho nachos are gone. i waited all off season for my compadres macho nachos and its been replaced. the replacement is decent - a little salty - but does not compare to my macho nachos. actually, i think i liked it so much because i liked saying "macho nachos."

the next few entries below are reposts of previous entries. the main reason i blog is to journal my thoughts and memories. i was rereading a couple from a few years ago that capture why i love the g's.

so here's to a new matter what - "shari and naomi - giants fans forever!"