How To Stop Eating Junk Food

Last week I wrote about a post on how "Food Can Be Medicine." 

In it I talked about the importance of eliminating processed, unhealthy foods. And how eating real, whole, unprocessed foods can help heal our body from ailments.

But when you’ve eaten the processed stuff for years, making any kind of dietary change can be overwhelming. In fact, it can be downright scary and confusing. And its definitely easier said than done!

Food Can Be Medicine

Some of today's top health epidemics are obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even allergies.

These specific diseases have been prevalent in my own family for decades. From a young age I’ve seen the terrible effects they inflict. 

Up until a few years ago I believed that the medications prescribed by the doctor were the “cure all.” I didn’t make the connection that the foods we eat impact how our bodies respond to diseases.

But after working with a functional medicine doctor and attending nutritional school, I now believe that food can be medicine.