caveman update

so two weeks ago i started what dave calls, "the caveman diet." only, its not a diet because i am not doing it for a short time; i hope it will eventually become my normal eating pattern.

basically i'm eating all natural food - nothing processed, no refined sugars - you get the idea. its almost a cross between the paleo diet and a gluten-free diet:

here's a video that more or less explains what i'm doing. i'm not following it 100% (i still eat beans), but this gives you the general idea. basically, "if they didnt eat it 2000 years ago, its not allowed..."

my progress report:

week 1: super hard but i was pretty strict in sticking to it. i ate potato fingerlings for breakfast, fruits, nuts and hard-boiled eggs (don't die of shock) for snacks, and lunches were grilled fish, lean meats, and lots of vegetables. the hardest part of dealing with the urge for an afternoon snack. but it paid off - 4 lbs in 5 days.

week 2: the bay area got hit by a heat wave and i don't have ac. i was in no mood to cook so i ate a lot of salads. but also gave in and had fro-yo 3 days in a row - i couldn't help it, i needed something refreshing. oh and i also had plain granola for breakfast because i refused to turn on the oven to bake potatoes (my breakfast choice these days) - BUT i measured the granola to exactly 1 serving (1/4 c).

so now we're at week 3 and i hope to do better this week. i doubt i'll ever follow it 100% (i eat beans) but like sam said - you have to allow yourself to give in to what your crave (in small portions of course) or else you won't stick to your goal for the majority of the time. so every now and then i will have crumbles of garlic cheese, bits of dark chocolate and a sampling of fro-yo (ok so more than a sampling)...but all in moderation.