CIM Training Update -- It Didn't Happen

Since I attempted to do a series of posts on CIM training, and since CIM has long come and gone, I thought I'd write one last post to wrap it up. Ironically, like my incomplete training posts, I also did not complete this race.

In fact, I never even got to the Start Line.

Let's rewind back to November 13th, three and a half weeks before CIM.

My workout called for 6-7 hill surges. I felt strong running the first six intervals. But on the seventh one I felt my good 'ol hammy pull. The same hammy that gives me problems once a year. Over the next week I took great care to ice and use my TENS machine on it, and by the following Sunday, it felt good enough for another long run.

I had been doing all my long runs in Golden Gate Park because 1) hills and 2) foggy weather. I felt great from the start of the run and forgot all about my hammy problem. I decided to run up the steep hill from Ocean Beach to the Cliff House so I could get a photo of Lands End.

This photo wasn't worth the pulled hammy I got running up the hill to take it.

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As I ran up that hill I felt my hammy pull again. But I was stubborn and kept running on it. The longer I ran, the more my body compensated for the injury and soon I felt pain in my opposite hip. The longer I ran the more intense the pain and I only managed 13 miles that day.

So once again, I spent the next week icing and using my TENS machine and by the next Sunday felt good enough for another long run. This time, the hammy held up fine (in fact, it never gave me problems again), but my hip still hurt.

I only managed 13 miles again that day, a day that should have been my peak week long run. But stubborn as I am, I was still convinced that I could run CIM.

But my hip kept getting worse to the point where it hurt just walking my dog.

I attempted a final “long” run the Sunday before race day but had to cut that one short as well. By then my Achilles started to hurt while running and that’s when I knew CIM wasn’t going to happen for me. The Achilles is something I will just not mess with.

I had two reasons for running this race:

1. Redemption from my DNF in 2011. 2. To celebrate a milestone birthday.

Although disappointed, I also felt okay with my decision to DNS. There’s a lot of things I will risk to run a race, but an Achilles injury is not one of them. In the grand scheme of things, it just wasn’t worth it. This was so unlike me, but I guess with age comes wisdom (?) - at least that’s what I keep telling myself :)

So instead of running, I decided to still make the trip to Sacramento and cheer on my coach and other friends who were running it.

We made it to three different points along the race course and got to see for everyone that I planned to at least once.

It was a fun day and in my own private way, I also found closure about having to DNS in 2011.

Since then I’ve taken two weeks off from running to rest my hip. I can finally walk without feeling any hip pain and plan to start running again this week.

My chiropractor pointed out that I am a notoriously slow healer. So for now I’ve decided to train for shorter distanced races. In hindsight I under-estimated my body’s ability to bounce back from an extended period of rest (almost a year!).

Once again, the CIM Finish Line eluded me, but I’m confident that I’ll meet it one day.

I’m not sure I’ll post weekly training recaps for the next few races I’m targeting. There are some other topics that I’m burning to blog about, but I’m sure I’ll share training updates along the way.

As always, thanks for reading!