Cleaning Up Life’s Clutter

Back in January, one of the things I listed that I wanted to do this year was to get rid of the clutter in my life. Believe it or not, I have been actively been working on this:

1. While I’m always sound asleep by the time the late night talk shows come on, I did hear about Jimmy Kimmel’s “Defriend Day.” I was a little late to the party (I think it was back in November), but I went through and deleted those inactive (Facebook) friends.

2. I did the same thing with the Contacts listed in my phone. Gone are those people who I haven’t spoken to in years and probably never will.

3. Relinquished those real life relationships that were dead and buried ages ago, as well as those friendships that shouldn’t have been that hard to maintain.

4. I primarily use 2 email accounts. One for personal correspondence, the other for subscribing to newsletters, online shopping notifications, etc. In the latter, I was getting so many emails a day (12 years worth of subscriptions) and realized that I would automatically delete 90% of them. So I decided to actually open the messages and click on the “Unsubscribe” link to take me off the mailing lists permanently. It was not always an easy task (those email marketers can make it hard), but well worth the zen-filled state of not having my phone buzzing every 2.3 seconds with a new message.

5. Along the same lines I’ve allowed magazine subscriptions to expire. I had cashed in on expiring airline mileage and accumulated quite a monthly magazine library – far more than I could keep up with. I had stacks and stacks of unread periodicals that more often than not, ended up in the recycle bin. So gone are Bazaar, Marie Claire, Entertainment Weekly, Food & Travel, Self, etc. Soon to be gone will be Fitness and Shape. The only ones that will remain are Elle, Women’s Health and Running World.

Decluttering each of these areas has been wonderfully cathartic. I highly encourage all of you to do the same.

Tonight’s Run In a sense, tonight’s run was also a decluttering moment. During the past couple of weeks I have been making a concerted effort to clear my mind before every run and work through the hang-ups that have plagued me during my workouts.

While I feel like I’ve been making progress, tonight’s workout felt like it was a break through. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel stressed about anything:

- Not the weather (it was shorts/t-shirt weather) - Not my pace (covered up the Garmin so I wouldn’t look at it every 10.2 seconds) - Not where I was running or how much distance I had left (ran at the school track)

I just let it all go, relaxed and enjoyed the experience. So much so that I didn’t even mind the set of 20 push-ups I had to do after each mile! ☺

What can I say, it was cathartic!

PS Daily Mile, one of the social networking sites that I love opened voting today for its new Team Members. I’m not exactly sure what their Team Members do, but I enjoyed watching the video submissions of those who are hoping to be voted to the team, especially Chanthana's, well because she mentioned me in her video!

Not only is she a dedicated runner, but she’s inspiring and supportive. I’m so glad we got to meet in real life!