Coming Back From Blog Silence

Hey guys! Its been awhile, hasn’t it? A little over two months to be exact.

So first off, I want to thank you who responded to my last post and completed my two question survey. I hoped for 5-10 responses and instead, got ten times that much! So thank you - you guys are awesome! It also gave me insight and validation into what I want to do beyond nutrition school.

Which brings me to my blog silence. 


I’m almost six months into nutrition school, and about half way through the program. And I've come to realize that there's more people to help beyond my family and friends. So I’ve spent the past two months planning how to launch a health coaching practice! And I’m so excited about it!

I took an awesome branding course by Jenna Soard to plan out my new space. In it I learned how to use Squarespace. Its another website platform, like Blogger and Wordpress. But its so much better, especially for non-programmers like me. I loved it so much that I migrated this site over to it!

The custom design didn’t transfer over so I had to create a new design. So if you’re reading this in Feedly, click on over to the actual site and take a look! Its 100% all done by me! It took me A LOT of time to create this. It’s not perfect, but given that I’m not a designer, I’m pretty proud of my work. I would love to hear what you think about it too!


I’ve also researching, business planning and creating a content strategy <<< the latter applies to you!

It is so annoying when someone you follow online starts to (over) promote themselves. I know because its annoyed me many times. Its unfair to the long-time follower/reader who doesn’t want to hear pitches. They just want to know you!

So I've decided to keep this space as is and create a brand new website for my practice. This site started as a blog where I share personal stories and experiences. And I want that to continue. 

But there were some blurred lines on how to separate the two that I've been working through. The bottom line is that this will continue to be a pitch-free personal blog. You can read more about my thoughts on this on my updated About page.

My goal here is to be consistent and share weekly content that you will find practical and useful. (I even have a coach who is holding me accountable to this!) Its my hope that you will find value in what I share and join me in my new space as well.


I plan to continue to share my stories in Health, Fitness and Food but in a different way. Instead of life casting, I want to share key takeaways from my experiences that may be beneficial to you. This is a big shift in the way I write so please bear with me. Also feel free to drop me a note and share with me what you would like to read more about!  I’d love to hear from you!

I have created a new category to write about “Intentional Living.” Thus far, my biggest takeaway from nutrition school so far is that health is more than food and fitness. Its about the work that we do, our relationship with others, and how we value ourselves. In nutrition school we call this “Primary Foods.” Actual food, and fitness, are second to this.

So to summarize:

  • I redesigned the look and content of this website.
  • I am creating a new space for my holistic health and wellness coaching practice.
  • And I’d love to hear from you!

Drop me a note on your thoughts and any specific topic or issue that you’d love to read about! You can do so in the comments, or use the form on my new Contact page!

Thank you for reading. Some of you readers have stuck around for a long time and I appreciate it! And if you’re new - welcome and thanks for being here! I hope you’ll stay so we can get to know each other.