Crawl If You Must

"Run if you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up."

This is a quote I used on my profile tile at work. And right now I feel like I'm crawling.

I took three days off from running and went back on Friday for 4 miles, Saturday for 5-miles (was supposed to be 6 miles) and this morning for 5-miles.

This morning's run was the hardest run of all three. I normally get up before my 5 am alarm, but this morning, I actually pressed snooze for a few times. Despite getting 8 hours of sleep, I still felt like it wasn't enough. I forced myself out of bed because I knew once I got outside, I'd feel better. And I sort of did. The cool air did wake me up and shake the fog out of my brain.

The run itself was hard. I was dragging, weak and slow. Usually when I have a cold, I feel better when I run, but not this time. Maybe its because I'm still run-down from the weekend.


I hate it when I get sick because I never like to skip a workout. My head is telling me that the sickness is my body telling me to slowdown, but my heart is telling me not to give up. However, I did skip my swim workouts yesterday and tonight. I know that swimming in the wind will aggravate my cold so managed to skip it.

I'm not scheduled to run again till Wednesday, but now I'm torn - do I take Wednesday off to rest and not run again till Friday? My foot is definitely getting better, but not 100% yet. But this cold just doesn't feel like its going away...

I have a 12K race on Sunday, will I be ready for it?! What to do, what to do?! I swear, if its not one thing, its another...

(Oh and I must mention that the mornings are becoming really cold now. I can't wear shorts and a tank anymore. Its time to invest in warmer running gear (Lululemon, here I come...). And its really dark too. The sun doesn't come up until I'm almost done with the run, which is actually good for me because I can't check my Garmin every 2 minutes to check my progress. But even though its really dark, I feel safe on my route. Its residential, well-lit and there's the regulars out every morning - the runners, walkers and dogs. We always smile or nod to each other - but not the bikers - they try to run me over.)