i can't lie - that run from yesterday left me sore. today my legs were tired. thankfully, according to my schedule, day 2 involved no running - it was a cross-training day.

i started out at 6 am with a free weights class. in the first half of class we used the coreboard with free weights; lots of balancing, upper body reps, lunges, etc. during the second half of class we got rid of the core board, kept the free weights and used bands. it was the bands that killed me. we walked the room using the bands. i can't really explain it but suffice to say it killed my hips.

this evening i went to body combat - my favorite workout. its super intense, very aggressive and let me get rid of my stress and frustration. tonight alex mixed it up and used all of my favorite tracks! :)

today's inspiration?


* this is a photo of the ali vs liston fight. it was used in a work preso i saw about a month and a half ago. i loved it as soon as i saw it and immediately added it to my file of motivations.