Deep Core and More

applecore_full Yesterday I did a two-a-day and tried a couple of new workouts -- a new 6:30 am core class and the Wednesday night workout with the run club I recently joined.

Morning Workout I started the day off with a treadmill run. I hate running on the treadmill, but since I'm supposed to keep things low and slow, the treadmill is a good way to force myself to stay at a slow pace to keep me from going all out. This was the second day of treadmill running and yes, I really did keep things low and really, really slow -- alternated 2-min run / 1-min walk.

After the treadmill I went to this "Deep Core and More" class. This is a brand new class at my gym, my friend loved it so I thought I'd check it out. I had not been diligent about doing core workouts, which I know it probably played a factor in my injuries. This class went beyond the typical abs class. It really focused on all aspects of the core -- upper and lower abs, obliques, back. We mostly used our body weight and did all kinds of exercises that I don't know the names of and can't really describe (sorry). I'll try to do better next time.

Well actually, one of the exercises had us crawling across the room with our hands on a towel, like wiping the floor. See, no idea what to call that...

After class I talked to the instructor. He seemed to have a very balanced approach to fitness. When I told him my situation, he said that this class was a good transition from physical therapy to getting back into running. I really liked it, and once I'm free from PT, I also want to try the 6-6:30 am class (Strength & Power Intervals). The classes are on days that I normally run so I think I'll need to wake up an hour earlier so I can run, then go to class. Evening Workout It was my first workout with the Tattersols, my new run club. I was excited, but a little apprehensive because I didn't know what to expect. It turned out to be awesome -- exactly what I was looking for.

We started out with a 2-mile warm-up group run. My Garmin only recorded 1.64 miles of it because I forgot to turn it on at the start.

Total Distance: 1.64 miles Total Time: 17:39 min Avg Speed: 10:47 min/mi Max Speed: 8:46/min/mi Total Calories: 149 Avg Heart Rate: 171 mph Max Heart Rate: 181 mph

The focus of the workout was a strength basic training workout. So after the warm-up we did a series of pyramid drills on the grass:

1. Forward / Backward running: run to the first cone facing forward, turn around and run to the second cone backwards; a total of four cones, then run to the next row and repeat for a total of four rows

2. 10 sets of stadium stairs. I had not run stairs in at least a year. I didn't think I was going to make it. I ended up walking down the last few sets because I was afraid my legs would give out on me and I'd take a tumble.

3. Back to the track: Using the same cones, did alternating lunges and push-ups for a total of four sets each. I'm not supposed to do lunges yet, so I just did lunges on my good leg. And I must have been really hyped because I actually did boy push-ups. :)

4. Two sets of 10 of triceps dips and more push-ups

5. Back to the cones and another pyramid drill of running forward and backward. But this time, instead of turning forward and backward, we faced forward the whole time. We'd run to the first cone, concentrate on our toe steps, run back to the starting lineup and so forth; a total of four cones.

6. Run down the length of the field four times; not sprints, but running hard with perfect form.

7. Repeat #1

8. Step-ups on the bleachers and then squats. I went very light on this since my physical therapists did not want me doing squats.

9. Lastly we ended with Pilate's and then stretching. My muscles were already sore from the morning core was tough. But being able to lie down on the track during cool down and look up at the stars was a great way to wind down the day.

As I went through the drills the coach explained to me how the different exercises would help my hamstring get stronger and build strength in other supporting muscles that will help me become a stronger runner.

The total workout was 90 minutes. It reminded me of the workouts that Dave (my personal trainer) used to put me through at the track -- running the football lines, stairs, sprints across the field, etc. I had not gone through that kind of hard workout, at that level, in a long time and I loved it.

I hurt everywhere (the good kind of hurt) today so other than lunch time yoga, today is a rest day.