Deep Thoughts

Back in the day (let's say the 90's), I used to spend hours in the school bookstore reading the “Deep Thoughts” greeting cards. They were hilarious. While these thoughts aren’t so funny, they are the things that have puzzled my mind lately:

• After a run, no matter the distance, it can take hours for me to develop an appetite. But after just one hour of swimming, I am famished and want to eat anything in sight. Why is this?

• When running, about 5-miles in, I have to refuel my body with an energy gel. Yet I can do a multi-hour workout (cardio & weights) at the gym and not need anything more than a few sips of water. Why is this?

• Ironically, for a person from Hawai’i, I don’t like temps above 75 degrees, can barely run in weather above 60 and despise humidity. Yet I will sit at my desk at work with the space heater blazing all year long - even on a summer day. Why is this?

• I workout 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day. Yet I take the elevator to the 2nd floor at work every single day. Just the thought of walking up one flight of stairs exhausts me. Why is this?

• Is it possible for someone who runs to have normal hip flexors?

And for some realizations:

• I swam with music for my entire workout yesterday. It was revolutionary. I usually count down how many laps I have left to do, anxious for it to be over. But with the music, I feel like I could have swam for another hour!

Tonight's yoga class focused on spinal flexion. I recognized a connection between my tight glute meds and my high hamstring; there was noticeable discomfort there, which I voiced to the instructor. He suggested I engage my core more, which naturally brought me into neutral spine. Made a world of difference.

And for some congratulations:

• BFF and college roommate Wendy has registered to run the Utah Valley Half-Marathon with Kady and me! It’s her first half-marathon and she completed Day 1 of her training today! This is going to be an experience of epic proportions for all of us!