Despite Munich...

I arrived in Munich late, late last night. I pre-ordered and prepaid (a fortune) for a taxi to bring me to my hotel which is 40 min from the airport. They were a no show. Just my luck. I had to catch another taxi which was also a fortune.

Despite getting to my hotel late and finding out that they had no non-smoking rooms left, my room doesn't smell smokey and this the cleanest hotel I've stayed at on this trip. I actually feel ok to walk around barefoot in the room.

Despite the hotel staff not being forthcoming with any information, they do provide free Internet access which has been my saving grace to staying in touch with home and work and surviving this long trip.

Despite this hotel being in the middle of nowhere, and having to pay a fortune in taxis ($75 roundtrip to my business meeting), I had an excellent business meeting and met some really good people who are likely to become very good friends.

Despite being in a hotel with no restaurant, they do provide free breakfast....despite the fact that I don't eat sausages or the other creamy stuff they serve, the yogurt and granola was exactly what I needed.

And despite the fact that I starved all day, I finally found a nice little Italian place next door and had some shrimp scampi for dinner - finally a meal with no creams or sauces!

Despite the fact that they stranded me last night, the taxi co is refunding me and promised to show up tomorrow for a free ride to the airport. We shall see....

Speaking of seeing, I have no pictures to share. I haven't seen any of Munich. I check out of the hotel tomorrow morning, go to my 9th meeting, then should be done by Noon, if not sooner. I'll come back to my hotel to pick up my bags, have lunch at the Italian place again and catch a taxi to the airport for my flight to Dusseldorf.

In Dusseldorf, I'm told that the easiest way to my hotel is by taxi. I estimate that I will spend at least $300 USD on taxis in my less than 48 hours in Dusseldorf - more than what the hotel will cost (that's how weak the dollar is). Despite that, I am staying at a Marriott so at least i know what i'm getting.

I can't wait for my flight home on Sat. Two and a half days and counting...