AM: Spin + Core Class PM: Yoga

I got my usual Monday workouts in today. They were pretty uneventful. I actually woke up feeling pretty good post 19-miler. I was pleasantly surprised; okay more like I was ecstatic. Not good because I think I pushed myself too much during the Spin workout.

As the day progressed, the DOMS set in (delayed onsite muscle soreness). My hammys and quads let me know that they’re not happy with me.

I got to yoga early, about 30 minutes. I purposefully do this so I can have some 1:1 conversation time with Alex (instructor). We chat and I can tell him the areas that aren’t feeling so great and 99.9% of the time he addresses those things in class.

Tonight was no different. Not only did we work the legs (lots of uttanasa, dolphin pose, lunges, etc) and hips (modified pidgeon), we also worked on our shoulders – another area that has been bothering me lately. I left class feeling much better.

And of course, class would not be complete without a though question posed by Alex:

“Do you get in the way of your own success?”

Something to think about; i.e., topic for a future post! I definitely need to think this one through…


30-Day Blogging Challenge

At the rate I’m going, it’s going to take me 3 months to finish this challenge!

Day 06 - A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day


I'd trade places with 5-year old 'Lil J.

* Pre-school (aka play school with no homework) * No bills * No work * Not a care in the world!

I mean honestly, her biggest worry is wondering if the cactus is going to hurt her! To be young and that free again!

PS I failed to mention in yesterday's post that before I left for the 19-miler, I threw some chicken in the slow cooker, using this recipe. I knew that after the run I would be in no mood to cook. When I got home, my house was filled with the heart aroma of the spices in the sauce. i baked some blue corn tortilla taco shells and have been having homemade chicken tacos! Another great recipe by Andrea!