Eight Miles

8-mile1 With only two weeks left till the race, I’m way behind in my training. Yesterday I did an eight mile run. It’s the longest run I’d done since the injury and I was nervous about how the hamstring would hold up.

I warmed-up with some dynamic stretches and then walked for half a mile before starting my run. I had to force myself to keep to a slower-than-usual pace so I don’t aggravate the injury. I tried to stay at a 12-min/mile pace, at least for the first four miles.

The first two miles felt like it took forever, but my after I drank some Propel (I hydrate every two miles), I felt my energy perk up and coasted along.

I rely heavily on my music (or what I call “my Burn Playlist”) to get me through any workout, so during the whole run, I made a conscience effort NOT to keep looking at my Garmin to see how many miles I had left. Instead, I just tried to focus on my form and enjoy the music and scenery.

Half-way through, at four miles, I had a Chocolate Outrage GU [asa]B0018MUK2W[/asa]and another sip of Propel. At this point, I felt so strong, no fatiguing. The second half of the run went by much faster and before I knew it, I was at six miles.

A little after six miles, I started to feel a little sore in my hamstring and hip. I had fully expected this and to be honest, thought I’d start feeling it sooner. I made sure I stayed at the 12-min/mile pace and keep my strides shorter.

When I finally ended at eight miles, I was tired and sore, as I normally would be after any long run, but it was a “good sore.” I walked in the final half mile and then did static stretches for about 20 minutes. I immediately had a banana to get some potassium in my body, then drove home and spend the rest of the day “rehabbing.” I knew the soreness would come later.

Sure enough, it did. Despite the fact that I spent the rest of the afternoon stretching and massaging my hamstring, I was pretty sore that evening. This morning, was still pretty tight so I’ve been using arnica cream and my theracane [asa]B0007YZ1BM[/asa](I call it my BFF) and feel so much better. This is what I expected after a long run but honestly, it wasn’t as bed as I thought it would be.

My plan for this next week is to do a couple of 4-5 mile runs, cross-train by swimming, walking and light weights, and then put in a 10-miler on Saturday. It’s my last chance before the big day.

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