February Recap, March Goals

I know February is a short month but it seemed to really fly by. It wasn't an abnormally busy time for me so I don't know where the time went. I do know that I didn't feel as committed to my February goals as I did in January. February Goals:

1. Make meals with five ingredients or less

I really tried hard to follow this goal. Some of meals I made were:

Sweet Potato Tacos - Steamed Sweet Potato - Ground Beef with Homemade Taco Seasoning (I didn't count the seasonings as one of the five ingredients) - Veggies (lettuce, tomatoes, Brussels sprout)

Spiced Chicken - Served with Mashed Cauliflower in the Vitamix which I found to be something I had to acquire a taste for (it wasn't love at first bite).

Open-Faced Tuna Sandwiches using: - Tuna - Greek Yogurt - Carrots - Celery - Toasted Bread

Baked Tilapia using: - Tilapia - Olive Oil - Lemon Juice - Served with Brown Rice

Baked Salmon - based upon this recipe: - Salmon - Hummus - Sliced Almonds

I also ate a ton of Brussels sprouts and lots of fresh fruit (mangoes and berries) with sliced almonds.

2. Throw out 100 things

I cleaned out the:

+ Living room and all of its cabinets: I got rid of old picture frames, magazines and videos (VHS!)

+ Kitchen: got rid of old Tupperware knick knacks that I never used

+ Laundry closet: the aqua running belt had to go, along with empty boxes of appliances I bought years ago

+ Bedroom closet: threw out four large garbage bags of unusable items and donated two large garbage bags of clothes and shoes to Goodwill

+ Desk: worked through 18 mos. worth of mail and bills. Filed what I needed to keep and spent two hours shredding the rest

So while I didn't keep a counting list of how many items were thrown out, suffice to say that my house is less cluttered.

3. Track every dollar I spent

No Bueno on this one. I kept it up with for the first two weeks of the month, then fell off the bandwagon after that. I'm going to carry this one over into March.


I also am two weeks behind on the month long Photoshop class I'm enrolled in. It seems that sometime around President's Day weekend things just fell to the wayside. Oh well, I'm not stressing over it because I'm sure I had fun whatever I was doing instead! :)


I have the following 31-day Challenges planned for March:

1. Practice 20-min of Yoga or Pilates every day

This is a repeat of January's goal, and much needed after this happened.

2. Track every dollar I spend

A repeat of February's missed goal

3. Eat More / Try New Veggies

After not eating Brussels sprouts for my entire life I'm now obsessed with it. I could (and have) eaten it for three meals a day. It makes me wonder about other veggies that I've never tried - I could be missing out! So I am going to set out to try a few new veggies in March but also add some structure around it:

+ Week 1: 1-day of no meat + Week 2: 2-days of no meat + Week 3: 3-days of no meat + Week 4: 4-days of no meat

This is not my attempt to ease into vegetarianism, because I do love eating meat...red meat, seafood, poultry -- all of it. I have no desire to give up those foods. But I do want to, and need to, eat more veggies, and I am curious as to how I'll feel going meatless a few times a month.

(...and in case you're wondering, I'm still not eating refined sugar...I don't miss it, and I'm not even tempted by Girl Scout cookies!)