Feeling Tender

My goals for this week have been to stretch, and to get decent nights of sleep. I revisited my calendar and realized it had been about 5 weeks since I’d been to yoga; about the time that my leg problems starting happening. Coincidence? I think not. So I went to yoga on Monday. I always have to force myself to go, but once I’m there, I’m so happy that I went. We did a lot of hip and shoulder work, and despite thinking (once again) that my arms are too short for my body, I left feeling pretty darn good. Since then, I’ve dedicated 20 minutes of stretching in the morning, and 20 minutes at night. I already feel a difference!

As for sleep, I’ve gotten at least 7 hours every night since Saturday. And almost 8 on a couple of those nights. Its meant that I’ve had to miss a few days of blogging to get to bed by 9 pm, but its been worth it. Not getting enough sleep is such a miserable feeling and can ruin your entire day.

As for the rest of the week, after Sunday’s 15-miler, I was feeling quite sore, but did run 4 miles on Monday and 5 miles on Tuesday. I tried to run tonight but learned that its almost impossible to do after a torture visit to the chiropractor.

I’ve had 2 visits so far this week. Both times Dr. Eva adjusted my hips, back and neck. No big deal. But the ART work she does on me is so painful that it makes me break out in sweat.

She’s been working on my hamstring, psoas, glutes and achilles. Essentially she is “stripping” the muscles by applying deep pressure while I move my leg. For example, I’ll point my toes, then she’ll apply the pressure as I flex my foot to the fullest range of motion available to me. In some areas the pain is so intense that I can’t move so she has to push my leg for me. This technique breaks up the deep adhesions (knots) within the muscles where the fibers are not aligned correctly. As tortuous as this sounds, it feels a thousand times more effective than just a massage, and I feel relief almost as soon as its over. But it does leave me feeling quite tender.

After I got home from today’s appointment I headed out to the park to start my run. As soon as I started I knew it wasn’t going to be a good one. I made it a whopping half mile at which point I realized that I was just limping along. So rather than make things worse, I turned around and limped home. I was pretty disappointed about it because after a pretty crappy day at work, I was looking forward to releasing some pent up frustrations and getting lost in my music. Oh well, that’s the nice thing about running - there’s always tomorrow.