Finding My Fitness Again

Last week was my first full week of workouts since SFM and to be honest, it was hard. It always baffles me how much time and effort is put into building fitness and then how quickly it can be lost. Although I had just finished a marathon two weeks prior, I felt like I was starting from scratch all over again.

Weekly Workout Recap:

+ After my first post-marathon run last Saturday, I ran another four miles on Sunday. It was already hot by the time I started at 8:15 am. My legs felt heavy, slow and sluggish and I had to talk to myself a lot to keep going. I kept telling myself, "Just one more!""One more mile, one more step, just one more." Did I mention this was only a four-mile run?

+ I never made it to a Spin class on Monday, but I did go to my first post-SFM yoga class. My small yoga studio is getting more and more popular and it was the biggest class ever. Although I'm happy to see the success of the studio, it makes me sad because I prefer small classes. Yoga is one of the best ways for your body to tell you where it might need some extra attention. It's also calms my mind like nothing else does, and I kicked myself for not getting to a class sooner.

+ Tuesday was my first 6 am run of the summer. I forced myself to go to bed early the night before (like lights out at 8:30 pm when the sun hasn't even set yet) and was up before my alarm went off at 5:15. I was out the door by 5:51 am and absolutely loved watching the sunrise during the run.

+ There wasn't an early morning Spin class at my gym on Wednesday so I did my trusty solo Spin workout. I pushed myself more than usual and was dripping with sweat 45-min later when the workout ended. I consider sweating on your wrists evidence that it was a pretty damn good workout.

Later that day I had a strength training session with Trainer Dave:

Warm-up: 500 meters on the rowing machine (done in 3 min 40 sec) Speed work on the rowing machine: 10 x 200 meter sprints w/ 1-min rest

I averaged 70.8 seconds per interval. I'm "rowing stupid" so I have no idea what that pace means. I have nothing to compare it to and I don't really care to find out. We rounded out the workout by doing a new, tough TRX circuit that left me sweaty and shaky.

* 1-min rest between sets

This is a great workout for runners. My glutes, legs and core hurt for the next three days.

+ I did another untimed four mile run on the 4th of July. Later I went a family bbq, and then we watched the local fireworks show.

+ Not only was Friday a Rest Day, it was also Orange Friday.

The Best Run Ever

My "long run" of the week was an easy 60-minute run. Since I was instructed not to use my Garmin, I mapped out a 6-ish mile route in Golden Gate Park (GGP) beforehand.

The heat wave was finally over and it was cold and foggy in GGP. I was in heaven. Wearing new running shoes, I ran up and down JFK Drive. Three weekends prior running in GGP was some of the hardest miles I've faced, but for this run, it was bliss. My legs felt strong, light and springy. I rocked out to my newly created "Summertime" playlist and fell in love with the new shoes. It was one of my best runs ever - the kind that makes you want to run forever!

Marathon Planning

The Best Run Ever was followed by the Best Brunch Ever!

I joined Alyssa and Renee for brunch at Q Restaurant where we made plans for our next marathon - Twin Cities Marathon in October! Travel dates were selected, flights were booked and tots were devoured!

I wish ever week(end) was as great as this one was…

...and it's not over yet - NKOTB + 98 Degrees + Boyz II Men tonight!