First Run of 2010

The first run of 2010 is finally in the books!

After 2 days and 7 movies, a few football games and a "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" marathon, I finally peeled myself off the couch and headed to the Cascade track for my first run of 2010. Actually, it was my first run in 27 days, the very first one since the Las Vegas half-marathon. After battling aches and pains to run Vegas, I took the rest of December off from running, hoping the rest would help me start off the new year strong.

At 10:30 am I got dressed and was out the door by 10:45 am. It was a cool and overcast 44 degrees. I wore my Lulu running pants and pullover but forgot my gloves. My fingers were so cold the entire time. The track is exactly 1 mile from my aunt's house. I used the MapMyRun iPhone app to track the walk. It took me 17 min and 47 seconds to walk there, with a pace of 17:22.

Being that this was my first run in a month I wanted to take it easy and stay at a very slow pace; there just isn't any need for me to be going all out right now. It was so nice to hear my running music again. After not hearing it for 4 weeks, it was like hearing it for the first time (even though I've been working out to some of those songs for years).

There were a several walkers and a few runners out. I do have one pet peeve about running at a track - when I'm running in the opposite direction of someone, I hate it when it becomes apparent that we are crossing a faster and faster pace. This usually means they are going much faster than I am and makes me want to run faster too. Not good when I'm trying to stay at a slow and steady pace. I had to keep reminding myself to hold back.

In the past week I watched a video by Coach Jeff where he talked about leg strikes.

Running with Turnover from Jeff Kline on Vimeo.

As I ran, I tried to stay cognizant of what he advised. Between this and my music, the time flew by and before I knew it, 3 miles was up. I used my Garmin to track my run.

Distance: 3.20 miles Time: 35 minutes Pace: 10:50 mile/min Calories: 322

I walked the mile home using MapMyRun again. It took me 21 min and 34 seconds, with a pace of 21:25. You'd think since my fingers were freezing that I would have moved faster to get home. I must mention one thing about the MapMyRun iPhone app....I hadn't used it in a really long time and the app had gone through some upgrades. Well at exactly 1 mile this lady interrupts your music to let you know you reached 1 mile and proceeds to tell you all of your numbers. The first time I heard it, it scared the hell out of me, LOL.

I'm glad I was able to overcome my laziness and get this first run of the new year in. Overall I felt really good but during the walkl home my right hip flexor got a little tight. Too be expected I guess after not running for a long time. I have a feeling I'll be feeling a little more soreness tomorrow too.

My vacation ends tonight as I leave Washington and fly back home to the Bay. I'll have one more day to unpack, rest and get organized before heading back to work on Monday. Although I'm always sad when vacations ends, strangely enough, I'm somewhat looking forward to getting back into a normal routine again!