Four x Three

(I originally wrote this last Sun, 9/27, but only getting around to posting it now.) You know how when you get an idea that you think its great but when it actually comes to fruition you think "What the hell was I thinking?" That was my weekend. I went to not one, not two, but three Giants games, plus the Stanford vs UW game. Sounds like fun right? Well, I mean it was, but it was also way more than I could handle.

On Friday night I learned how to keep score. And was terrible at it. You have to pay attention to EVERY pitch. I couldn't do it. I usually complain about people who don't pay attention at games but this made me realize just how chatty I am during the game. My friend kept yelling at me for missing pitches. I finally gave up by in the 8th inning. But I'm glad I know how to do now. Next season, I'll try to do it more often.

Saturday was horrible. Horrible. By now you probably know that I don't get along with heat and humidity (I know, ironic for someone from Hawai'i). As soon as we got to our seats I was miserable. Before I even sat down, I set my stuff down and ran to by yet another visor. Its probably my fifth or sixth one by now. After just one or two innings I couldn't take it so we moved to the shade. Luckily no one came to claim those seats. But the game was terrible. The team was getting blown out. I had planned to leave at 3:45 pm but I couldn't even make it till then. The heat made people act crazy. We bailed in the 6th and had fun walking back to Belina's house near the park.


That night my cousin Jeff and I went to the Stanford vs UW game in Palo Alto. Our other cousin Lauren runs track for UW and fully expected me to be decked out in purple. I had to gently explain to her that my tickets came from a friend who works in the Stanford Athletic Department so it was only appropriate for me to wear red. Weather-wise it was a perfect night in Palo Alto. I wore a tank and didn't even need a jacket. We had great seats (but really, there isn't a bad seat in the new stadium) and had fun meeting up with our friends.


But after the game I get this text from Lauren:

"We lost because you didn't show your husky spirit! Shame on you!"

Throughout the weekend I'd been fighting a cold so by the time I woke up on Sunday, I had no interest in going to the game. All I wanted to do was stay in bed all day. But it was the only game, all year, that i went to with my cousin Shari, my G's partner in crime.

att-92709 (See how trashed I am after four games in three days).

We always go to a bunch of games together but this year something always came up - like she ending up in the hospital on Opening Day (I still went to the game), or her cat Barkley ending up in the cat hospital. While I have fun with (almost) everyone that I go to a game with, I really have the most fun with her. We've been doing to games together for over 10 years so we have our whole routine down.

She and her family just had a major milestone in their life so I treated her to brunch and the game. Thankfully, we sat in the shade in the Club Level. If we had been in the sun I don't think I could have done it. It was the best game of the weekend. Not just because the team won (finally) but we just had a nice time chit-chatting about silly stuff that only we find interesting - like evaluating the food, the ushers, how much we miss Barry (BONDS), how they should have valet parking (yes, we would totally pay for it), planning next year's Spring Training trips...

This first picture was the first pitch of the season.


This last picture was the last pitch of my season.


I mean the team has two series left, but let's be honest, I'm probably not going to watch them. There are so many good shows on tv this Fall and I can only record two shows at a time while watching a third recorded show. Sorry G's, this was it for me...see you in Scottsdale.