from north carolina....

so memorial day afternoon, we were lounging in shari's living room...

the scene:

* jeff lounging on the recliner
* aunty virgie napping on the couch
* shari kicking back on the couch
* i'm lying on the floor, "camping" (this means pillows and blankets on the floor - like i really go camping...)
* jasmine going from corner to corner, playing with her toys, chatting to anyone who will listen and occassionally coming over and plopping herself on me

we're looking to watch a movie but none of the dvd's on the shelf seem appealing...backdraft and the sandlot are possibilities...i really want to watch the rock. we know they have it but its not on the shelf....suddenly shari remembers she has a basket of more movies in her room. so she pulls it out.

in it is "ultimate 23" - a 2 disc tribute to michael jordan. greatest of all time. so we put in the second disc and watch his greatest dunks, assists, clutch shots, and all the other great things he's done - and we get teary eyed watching it. we forgot how good it was when he played. players these days just don't have that magic. the aura of greatness.

when the disc was over, the pistons vs celtics game came on. the pistons player introductions are so super entertaining...

deeeetroit baaaassssketball

but no player commands the greatness of jordan.

ps i lived in utah in '97 and '98. like the jazz could REALLY beat the bulls...come on now....delusional jazz fans...