From Rescue to Recovery: Shari's Chicago Memory...

So in our family, we love to ask each other trivia questions -- about anything and everything. Last night, Jeff emailed us and asked Shari, "What famous celebrity died during our last trip to Chicago together?" She immediately answered, "JFK, Jr."


Here's her recollection of the tragic event:

"It was the summer of 1999. We were shopping at shoe stores on the Magnificent Mile. We were specially looking for matching teva sandals. Now why would a brother and sister look for matching teva sandals (Naomi asks outloud)? I don't know, it sounds stupid, but thats the story.

Anyway, we walked into a store and saw that EVERYONE, customers and employees, were gathered around a tv. So of course, we too gathered around the television set to see what was going on. Literally, in one heartbreaking moment, we discovered that JFK, Jr had been piloting a private jet which had gone down in the waters off of Hyannis Port. He was on his way to a family gathering with his wife Carolyn and her sister Lauren.

I remember standing there numb and thinking 'I can't believe it.' My second thought was, 'That poor family.' I said, 'Ohmigosh, Carolyn - she must be so devastated.' Her entire family was gone. She was the last remaining family member of Camelot.

We stayed there for an hour watching the coverage, but as we left and walked up the street, we noticed that there was no movement. People everywhere were glued to a tv set, watching the coverage, in hopes that he would be found.

The seach seemed to have lasted forever, but my heart sank when I heard them say that the search had changed from rescue to recover.