ghirardelli guy -- original post on 25-AUG-2007

note: there is now a ghirardelli stand so i no longer need to play "where's waldo" with the ghirardelli guy

Oh Ghirardelli Guy - why do you elude me!

I love going to Giants games.

Day games, where I can roast in the sun during the dog days of summer.

Night games where it can be 80 degrees in San Mateo when you leave your house, but be 55 degrees with the wind chill factor at the ballpark in San Francisco.

I always have my gear packed for night games - long-sleeve Tee , then a fleece, and lastly, my Giants blanket - yet sometimes, its just not enough!

On those windy, cold summer nights, the Ghirardelli Guy is the most popular guy in the park. Forget Barry or Omar, what we really want is hot chocolate from the Ghirardelli Guy (and don't even mention Tully's - it doesn't compare)!

He usually stars out in section 136, then starts moving toward me - section 135, 134, 133. And then he gets stuck between 133 and 130. The guy can't move. People are calling out to him left and right. His little dispenser breaks so he sits down and starts pouring cups of joe right out of the canister. Next thing you know, people are lining up in the aisle!

And there I sit in Section 129, Row 21, Seat 15 playing, Where's Waldo?! Where's my guy at? Oh, he's coming up the next aisle. Oh damn, some kids are stopping him. Wait! He's heading to the top! Which way will he turn? Dammit - he turned right. Where is he going now? Refill? No! He's heading to the bleachers and farther away from me! Arrrgghhhh!

During the game, I'm trying to watch my Giants, really I am - I cheer Barry Bonds, boo Ray Durham, can't help but like Klesko...yet, I'm so distracted - where is my Ghirardelli Guy?!?

This has been going on for months - all summer!

During a Saturday night game vs the Florida Marlins, he showed up at my aisle right after Rally Killer Ray hit a game winning RBI to win the game.

But this week - we've made progress! During a Wednesday night game vs the Cubs (don't get me started on Cubs fans...), he showed up in 129 in the 1st inning! I ran up to him and told him how happy I was to see him! I wasn't quite ready for him yet so I made him promise to come back later, after I ate my ballpark nachos. And he kept his promise! A little late in the 8th inning, but better late than never!

Last night vs the Brewers it was extra windy - way more than usual. His popularity was at an all time high. I had to hop over to Section 130 to flag him down. He ran out of the stuff right when he got to me. But I told him I was in Section 129, Row 21 and he promised to come back to me. But then he got mobbed again! And so patiently I waited. But you know, patience was never a quality I ever had. Luckily, as I was walking out of the restrooms, I spotted the backpack! Yes! And I chased him down - and he was on his way to see me!

And I got my hot chocolate - no whip please.

Best $5 I'll ever spend at a G's Game.

Oh and the G's won - 3 homers, a BBonds special into the Cove. 761 - Baby - 39 more to 800.