Girl Scout Cookie Time!


It’s All About Me Monday and one thing you should know about me is that I almost always prefer salty over sweet. Except when it comes to Duncan Hines’ unfrosted chocolate cupcakes; ice cream (preferably It’s Its), any type of dark chocolate (hey, its healthy), or these:

Yep, its Girl Scout Cookie time and a colleague’s daughter delivered these to me this afternoon. The Thin Mints are already in the freezer just waiting to be eaten!

In truth, those will likely be the only ones I keep. The rest will be pawned off to others.

Confession: I was a Girl Scout for one day. The local troop (i.e., the only troop on my island) recruited me on the day that they sold GSC in town.

This is the town that I grew up in:


{and it still looks like this today}

I remember wearing my too big uniform with boots parading up and down the street selling these treats. By the end of the day I was over it and never went back to Girl Scouts. True Story.

Were you ever a Girl Scout?


But wait, you must be wondering how a colleague’s daughter knew how to deliver GSC cookies to me on President’s Day? Well that’s because I was at work! That’s right, no holiday for me. ☹

I was up at 5:25 am and at the gym by 5:45 am. The parking lot had all of 5 cars, including mine. I spun for 45 minutes, and then went to my Core class where there were all but 4 of us. Two of the girls were newbies who were gone within 10-minutes. The other lady was an older lady who ignored the instructor and did her own thing in the corner. So essentially, I had a 1:1 session.

This instructor was a sub (because the regular one was on holiday!) and we did some new things I hadn’t done before. Like mountain climbers while balancing on an upside-down BOSU. Then add in rotations. And let’s not forget weighted crunches. Yes, I will be sore tomorrow.

This evening I had a real treat. After last week’s yoga class, I asked my yoga teacher to send me a list of the poses we had done in class so I could practice them at home. Instead, he offered to videotape them for me. I was stoked! A few days later, he asked me if I’d be interested in being in the video while he taught me about the poses.

So that’s what we did today. We met an hour before class where I learned that my left hip is pretty much locked up, and then learned different ways of loosening and stretching it out, using variations of the triangle pose. The education continued on into our regularly scheduled class. Two hours of yoga is really intense for me, but it was so very much needed.