girl talk

i love my friends -- especially the ones who know me. i mean REALLY know me. and actually, its a very exclusive group. we have the most interesting, random, observant, politically uncorrect conversations. for example:

on a hot day in the city:
tw: i dont like it when boobs hang out during the daytime
nj: the hoochies and frat boys are out in full force tonight
tw: you know, they're people too....

driving up lombard (the flat part of it):
tw: what is that?!
nj: what? oh those kids? its prom weekend.
tw: how are they dressed?! that is not acceptable! what is up with that hair?!
(sorry, no visual here but the girls were in slutty 80's dresses with bleach blonde bouffants while the guys wore garters on their sleeves over their tuxs).
nj: they just walked into their the comfort inn.

in the apple store, looking for a screen guard for my iphone:
nj: i'm obsessed with iphone apps. i've spent an obscene amount of money on them. its not like i use all of them; i just download them to see what they're like. if i don't like it, i don't use it.
tw: they're non-refundable you know
apple store dude: but a lot of apps are free
nj: not all of them. besides, the free ones advertise and i don't like that. it bugs me.
apple store dude: you need to go to IAA - iphone apps anonymous

driving up polk st at sutter (i think). we see 2 scantily-clad girls standing on the corner.
tw: do you think those girls are high-class hookers?
nj: no, actually, i don't.
tw: damn! that would have made for great conversation.

sunday night phone call:
kgc: what are you doing?
nj: blogging and twittering. you are so witty. i wish you would tweet or blog.
kgc: no, i will become obsessed with it. besides, you have original thoughts.
nj: no i don't. i don't have any original thoughts.
kgc: you just bought swim shoes from target! who does that?!

if anyone recorded us, we'd be in trouble. LOL