Good News Bad News

goodnbn21 So I have good news and bad news....

First, the bad news... I went to physical therapy where my therapist confirmed I re-aggravated my hamstring strain. I wasn't surprised; the pain was pretty familiar with what I felt when I first injured it. Dan (my therapist) started me on a stem treatment with ice (icing for the next few days), told me to lay off running, at least till my next appointment on Friday.

My IT band is also being a little finicky but its not something that he's overly concerned with. He doesn't think its a big deal and I should just keep rolling it and doing strength exercises and it should be fine in a few days.

Surprisingly, I'm not as devastated about the hamstring injury as I was the first time. Perhaps its because I've gone through this before and know what I need to do to bounce back from it? Who knows....

But I do know that:

1. I am 8-weeks away from my next half-marathon, which should be enough time to recover. 2. I've gotten at least one a 10-miler in so I'm not too worried about building distance. 3. The Vegas race course is flat.

And for some Good News... After the first injury in April, I started toying with the idea of getting a running coach. I mean, I'd had a personal trainer for three years, I regularly take classes at the gym, and took swim lessons all summer. What can I say, I like structured workouts and like to let someone else do the thinking. I just show up and they tell me what to do. :) But I'd never had such a thing for running, so why not?

When I started feeling "off" last week, I emailed a girl I know from church who, a few years back, had told me about a running club she'd belong to. Lucky for me, she's still active in it and invited me to check it out, which is what I did last night...and loved it! Its exactly what I am looking for!

The Tattersols is a women's only running club. Even though I couldn't run, I went to their workout last night to meet the group and talk to Coach Vince about my running. I liked the Coach as soon as I met him; I could tell "off-the-bat" that he is a really knowledgeable coach. I told him about my injury and he totally understood it. He asked me about different things I experience (like feeling the hurt after sitting for a while) and pretty much nailed everything on the head. He liked my workout schedule but told me that I was probably susceptible to injury because I was over training, which is typical among Type A personalities. (Again, read me pretty well). :)

He emphasized the three goals of the club:

1. Health 2. Community 3. Goals

And he also talked to me a lot about safety. I was immediately hooked. I told him that as soon as I'm cleared to run, I'd be back. But he told me to come next week no matter what because even if I can't run, he'll put me through other kinds of workouts. I love it!

So for the next few days, I'm just going to focus on doing my PT exercises and doing some core/strength work.

I have this binder of workouts I have collected from magazines over the years.



This morning I pulled it out to put together a core workout that I could do at home. This is what I came up with:

Physical Therapy: - Clamshells - Side lying leg lifts - Stomach hip extensions - Band walks - And did a whole lot of foam rolling.

Core: - Bicycles with medicine ball twists - Crunches on Swiss ball - Standing oblique crunches with weights - Reverse crunches with medicine ball - Pullovers with weights on the Swiss ball - Planks

...and I had my running play list blasting at full volume, which made me miss running a little less.