good night chicago


my time in chicago has come to an end. here's my final thoughts:

are toilet seat covers just a west coast thing? i mean, they don't have them in boston and new york...chicago too? the only place i found them was at the hyatt. hmph!

we spent an obscene amount of money on cabs. we would have taken the train or walked more if it weren't unbearably MUGGY and HUMID! i mean, i even caved in to the typical ugly american tourist stereotype - wearing tennis shoes! (i know, i can hardly believe it myself). why couldn't one of the dozens of cabs we took been the cash cab?!?

speaking of muggy and humid, the weather was a real downer. one minute the sun is out, the next rain is falling. it frizzed my hair. and drained every bit of energy out of me. there was so much more to see and do in the city but who could stand the heat?!?

it must be tough to be a vegetarian in this town. everywhere you turn there's a steakhouse on the corner. and no matter what the restaurant is, steak is always on the menu. its the first town i've been in where i didn't find decent seafood.

but all in all, its a great american city. the heartland. probably the most american city. and its true what they say about the people - genuinely, friendly and sincere.

but so far my theory still proves true - san francisco is the best!