Goodbye 2012

My first thought was to say, "Good riddance." It was a tough year with a lot of ups and downs. But then I thought, "What year isn't?"

So I made a list of things that happened and stuff I learned over the past 12 months (in no particular order):

What Happened in 2012:

• Tried open water swimming. • Got burnt out on yoga. • Grew to love TRX even more than I already did. • Took a Web Design course.Spent 5 months in physical therapy where I truly learned to listen to my body and appreciate the importance of rest.Started acupuncture treatments for the first time and became a believer in Eastern medicine.Successfully adopted a gluten-free lifestyle. Had my first "tourist" vacation in Hawai'i. • Got sunburned for the first time. • Made doing my physical therapy exercises and plyo drills a habit. • Flossing too. • PR'd the half-marathon by 11 min and 57 seconds. And also ran a personal worst half marathon 3 months later. • Trained for 2 marathons and ran neither. • Raised $2900 USD for the National Stroke Association.7 Races (2 Trail Races, 5 Half Marathons). • Ran 1036.46 miles • Swam 38,580 meters • Did 35 hrs 20 min of Spinning / on the Bike Trainer • Strength Trained for 79 hrs • Practiced yoga for 116 hrs 20 min • Witnessed the 2nd SF Giants World Series Championship (2 in 3 years!)

What I Learned

• I don't have to register for every local race. • Virtual friends are nice, real-life friends are better, and virtual friends who become real life friends are the best. • Not to compare myself to anyone else's highlight reel (a direct quote from this blog). • Not to waste time and energy on toxic people. • That I CAN run without music. • IT Band Syndrome is painful and annoying. • I don't have to use my Garmin for every single run, but I find that I do need it for every single swim. • Rest days truly are wonderful. • To let my body absorb the training. • To do as prescribed by my running coach, PT, chiro, trainer, etc. They are there for a reason. • My stomach does not agree with nut butters, citrus, corn, dairy or gluten. • Eggs are pretty tasty. • Physical therapy exercises really do work if you do them. • Acupuncture is awesome. Cupping hurts like hell. • 100 meters = .06 miles. 200 meters - .125 miles • Don't judge someone by their results or you'll miss the big picture. • I hate cashews. Finally admitted this to myself. • Les Miserables is the most depressing movie ever.

A few of my favorites photos from 2012:

Oakland Half Marathon with my  Bay Area Running Friends (BARF's)
Oakland Half Marathon with my Bay Area Running Friends (BARF's)
Portland Rock 'n Roll Half-Marathon with Family!
Portland Rock 'n Roll Half-Marathon with Family!
SF Giants and Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate!

Virtual Friends Who Became Real Life Friends

SF Giants Game After Half-Marathon #20

In hindsight, 2012 wasn't all that bad but I am most definitely looking forward to a fresh start in the New Year!