Half-Marathon Rookie

So its official. After years of saying I want to run a half-marathon, I finally signed up for one. Paid the non-refundable fee. No backing out now.

I chose to do the Big Sur Half Marathon in Monterey on November 9th.


I contemplated doing the US Half Marathon that goes through the City, but my friend at the gym told me its very hilly. Not wanting to torture myself, I decided to stick with the flat, but scenic race.

So for the next 13 weeks I need to be focused, disciplined, on a mission to train so that I can FINISH. Seriously, that's my only goal.

I'll be tracking my progress with my Garmin 305 on www.mapmyrun.com (thanks Michi!) and I'll post my progress from time-to-time, mostly just to capture the experience for myself, so bear with me. No, PRAY for me. What did I get myself into???