Happy Anniversary

My good friend Medha recently shared this blog with me , where every day, there’s a new post asking a thought-provoking question. One night, I read through every single question posted in the past year and my head hurt with all the thoughts it provoked.

Today, being my parents’ anniversary, I decided to answer this question:

What do you admire most about your parents?

Both of my parents have many admirable traits. They are loving, supportive, dedicated, and fun – and not just to my sister, and me but also to everyone they come into contact me.

But the one thing that I admire most about both of them equally is their never-ending willingness to be of service to others.

My Dad was a teacher and school administrator for over 40 years at the high school that my aunts, uncles, cousins, sister and I went to. The same school. I don’t know about you, but after 2 years, I’m usually ready to move one to greener pastures. But he stayed there for 4 decades, doing what he loves most – helping kids discover their true potential, both through academics and athletics. He’s help multiple generations in families get into college, find the financing to pay for college, get into the military, and write letters of recommendations for jobs. Anything his students asked for, providing they showed a willingness to work hard for what they wanted, he’d jump at the opportunity to help them. Even now, in his retirement, he is still at the high school almost daily, volunteering his time to help the kids he loves so much. It’s as if he never left!

My Mom also offers her help to anyone that asks for it. Whether it is through church service, the community, helping a friend or family member in need, she’s there to help. It may be listening to someone who needs someone to talk to, bringing dinner to a family in need, or even donating a kidney to a sibling. She’s done it all, never expecting anything in return.

Over the years, I’ve found myself a bit jaded from doing this. I’ve found myself thinking, “Why should I help them when they’ve done this to me?” Or, “I’m busy.” Or, “What’s in it for me?”

But as I’ve pondered this question, I realized that the people I admire the most are those who are kind and have been of service to others. And I’m so glad that my parents are the ultimate role models for me – they don’t speak of it, they just do it.

Happy anniversary Mom & Dad! (Glad you actually remembered it today ☺)