Hard Work Pays Off


AM: Spin + Core PM: Yoga

I guess I haven’t talked about it much, but yeah, the marathon I’m training for is about 20 days away. I’m trying not to obsess about it because it’ll only make me nervous and then I’ll start to psyche myself out.

That being said, the one thing that I have really tried to do in this training cycle is to build up my core strength. I’ve done this by:

• Going to a weekly 30-minute core class at my gym • Taking a weekly Dailey Method class • Swimming • Yoga • Resistance training with my trainer

While I feel stronger, I really haven’t had any clue if doing any of this made a difference. I don’t have six pack abs and I’m pretty convinced that I never will.

This afternoon I went to see Dr Eva, my chiro. She had wanted to see how I was feeling after Saturday’s long run. She did ART on my IT band, glutes and hips. It hurt so bad that I broke into a sweat and she had to repeatedly tell me to breathe.

But then she worked on my psoas, something she hadn’t done since late last year. As soon as she started working on it, she said, “Oh my, you really have strengthened your muscles in that area significantly!”

I was so excited to hear that! It’s validation that my hard work is paying off!


30 Blogging Day Photo Challenge

While all my other friends who are doing this are almost done with this challenge, I'm still on Day 7.

Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item:


{circa about 18 mos ago}