head below heart

today i was supposed to do a 45-minute medium intensity run, but i decided to switch days. i made today a cross-training day and will somehow fit in a run tomorrow.

after my first half-marathon last november, it was painfully clear that my quads weren't strong enough for the race. they were so sore and hurt to the touch; i couldn't walk up or down stairs. so this time i'm determined to make them stronger. i started going to spin about a month ago and its growing on me. so this morning, instead of running, i went to spin. i thought about running after spin but by the time class ended, my legs were done. it was a good wednesday spin class - 70's funk, madonna, bobby brown. music always makes the difference.

this evening i went to my usual hatha yoga class. i have a love/hate relationship with yoga. i want to love it but i dread it because, well, its hard. i'm inflexible. but i have chronic plantars fasciitis and my podiatrist insists that i do yoga. he says that its the key to aging - "older people who are fit are flexible" he says. so i force myself to go.

its the last wednesday of the month which means its supposed to be restorative yoga - i was really looking forward to it. well my version of restorative is apparently very differnt from jean-ives (the instructor). tonight he wanted us to "clear our minds" and feel the "essence of the pose" by keeping our heads below our hearts. like for the whole class. okay so it wasn't the WHOLE class, but it sure felt like it.

so how does one keep the "head below the heart?"

* downward dog
* forward fold
* child's pose

easy right? well what about:

* headstand
* handstand
* dolphin handstand (its the one where the hands are belted - i dont know what the proper name is)
* L-pose
* shoulder stand

all inversions...my favs...ugh...

after keeping my head below my heart for over an hour, i was light-headed, but shockingly, clear-minded and feeling very good. i practically fell asleep during savasana (corpse's pose).

the most inspirational song from this morning's spin class?

...feels like my day came full circle.