Healthy Coaching

With the new year comes new goals, new commitments...and new health plans. As in HMO's and PPO's. My company encourages us to take a proactive approach toward our health and offers incentives for taking advantage of special benefits - one of is having a health coach.

Health Coach After taking an online health assessment, I had my first session (via phone) with my health coach last month. It was pretty basic - he reviewed my health assessment, asked me what my health goals were and he gave me suggestions on how to formulate a plan to achieve them...although half the time, he was taking notes on information I was sharing with him! However, he did send me links to a few resources that I found helpful.

- The Pyramid Guide - Lance Armstrong's Live Strong - Nutrition Tips

Yesterday was my second session (its scheduled monthly). I updated him on how the December half-marathon went and shared with him my goals for this year. He sent me 2 new articles that I am really enjoying reading.

The first one is on how to train for a marathon. I am a like sponge right now, absorbing as much as I can about this.

The second article has 50 different types of swimming workouts. I am such a novice to swimming that it didn't even dawn on me that swimming has different kinds of workouts, like every other kind of sport. I told him my goal is to swim 3 times a week so he suggested that since I'm still very new to this sport I could structure my week by rotating between kick-boarding for a lower body workout, then using a buoy when swimming laps for an upper body workout and then closing out the week by doing regular laps for a total body workout.

Wednesday Massages Another benefit at work is that a massage therapist comes in each Wednesday to give chair massages. Its $1/minute for 20-minute sessions. I don't do this every week, but this week it was a necessity. My shoulder blades and elbow are killing me - typical tension areas for someone who works at a computer all day. This week's therapist was a substitute and I was a little skeptical on how she would be. Some therapists just stick to a routine instead of focusing on your trouble areas. But this lady was great - she hit the right spots. It really helped; I think I need to start getting a massage every Wednesday.

Dinner and a Run Normally Wednesday nights are track workouts with my run club, but we're still on a holiday schedule so I was undecided about what, if anything I was going to do. I packed my gym bag with both swimming and running gear, but by the end of the day my motivation started to wain. I found myself taking to the exit home, instead of to the gym. However, once I got home, I did manage to fight the lazy and headed out for a short run. It was dark by the time I headed out so I used my headlamp for just the second time. I love that thing! I walked for a half mile, then I ran a mile out and back for a 2-mile run, then walked the half mile back home.

When I got home, I tried a new healthy chicken recipe that I found in Fitness Magazine. It was really quick and easy to make, although having to touch raw meat makes me want to become a vegetarian. It just grosses me out.

Thursday Its still not getting any easier to wake up in the mornings. Today I normally would go to Body Pump, but I was excited to try the new swim workouts my Health Coach recommended that I skipped Body Pump at Golds in favor of swimming at 24-Hour.

When I got there the all the lanes were taken so I went in the whirlpool to wait for one to open up. The whirlpool was so nice and warm that when a lane opened up, I really didn't want to go in. But I told myself that I have new workouts to try so I got out and started to put on my swim cap and it ripped. I took it as a sign that it wasn't meant to be this morning and went back in the whirpool for another 10 minutes. Then I spent 10 minutes in the steam room and tried to spend 10 minutes in the sauna but by then I was overheated and just done.

The rest of the day is truly going to be a rest day - no workouts planned for tonight. I need a night to just come home and veg in front of the TV; I have 4 episodes of GH waiting for me! :)

What Made Me Happy Today and Photo of the Day I forgot to post a photo yesterday so I have 2 today:

1. So this isn't from today, but I have it posted on my fridge and everyday I look at it and it makes me smile! This is my favorite cousin in the whole world, Chip Gifford Ironhorse Ellison. Everybody loves Chippy!

2. I got an email from the Daily Burn this morning telling me I placed 2nd in the Spring Half-Marathon Challenge...after 5.2 miles 7 days into the new year. Now that's funny.