Hella Loving Running Right Now

I was chatting with a friend yesterday who mentioned that she isn't sure she's into running anymore. It's something that I could relate to. Over the past couple of years I have come to learn that running has its ups and downs. I have had my share of really low moments where I've wondered if running was still for me. Fortunately, I'm not having one of those moments for I am truly, truly loving running right now. I love how strong it makes me feel - like I am a real athlete, a real runner.

I can't pinpoint the exactly what's triggered this high. I still have bad runs from time-to-time. And feel niggles here and there. But I'm kinda in a place where I even love the bad workouts. Somehow I'm still able to find a lot of gratification in them. And dare I say I'm even learning to be comfortable feeling uncomfortable AND I'm appreciating it. These are huge mindset changes for me.

When I feel this good about running all kinds of things happen like...

+ Buying new running shoes

Newton Distance U
Newton Distance U

+ Forcing Bringing my non-running relatives to the San Francisco Running Company (...I mean, we were already in Marin to begin with...and yeah, in case you were wondering, the San Francisco Running Company is in Marin County, not San Francisco...)

+ Purging old race shirts to make room for the new shirts I'll get from the races I just registered for...

So...I've kinda gone on a race registration extravaganza. I've spent the past week and a half caught up in the excitement of researching races to run this year.

San Francisco Marathon:

I was already registered for the San Francisco Marathon on June 16th. For a little while it was the only race on my calendar - so unlike me. I'm sure I'll incorporate additional 5/10K races (like the $3 DSE ones) into my training, but this is the next big race on my calendar.

Giant Race 10K:

After SFM I am registered to run the Giants Race 10K on August 4th. If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know that I love the SFG's so this is a sentimental race for me.

I considered signing up for the half marathon but I've run it twice. I also thought about running the 5K, but in a race like this one there are more baseball fans than recreational runners which usually means packs of walkers and lots of strollers in the 5K. So I settled on the 10K, which will be a perfect, set up for my next race.

Water to Wine Half Marathon:

The following Sunday, on August 11th, I'm registered for the Water to Wine Half Marathon in Healdsburg, CA! I checked with a few friends who have run it in the past. Every single one of them had great things to say about this race. After I registered for it I invited some out-of-town relatives to come and visit so we could spend the weekend in Wine Country and now they're thinking of running it too!

Twin Cities Marathon:

And lastly, I registered for the Twin Cities Marathon on October 6th! This is what happens when everyone else had President's Day off and I have to work...

In all seriousness, this race has been on my bucket list but was not in my immediate plans. I was actually thinking about running CIM this year since it's on my birthday weekend. But Renee and Alyssa (aka as The Enablers) are also running it. I asked myself when am I ever going to go to Minnesota? So I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to have two traveling buddies. It was a good enough reason to put this race on my calendar this year.

I spent hours reading race reports and googling course photos. I read five pages of reviews on Marathonguide.com and there were all 4 or 5 star reviews.

The appeal of a race on a brisk autumn morning, surrounded by fall foliage, running around lakes was enough for me to handover my credit card and register for it. That and the fact that the registration fee went up on Tuesday. I am a little concerned that it is only 16 weeks after SFM, but I'm hopeful that everything will go well.


As high of a high I'm on right now, I know there will also be lots of lows. I'm savoring every moment of this running high and prolonging it for as long as I can. I'm also trying to be more diligent about keeping up with my training journal (not to be confused with a training log) so that I can revisit the emotions and experiences, and identify triggers for what I'm feeling right now.

How does the saying go? "Running is the metaphor of life..." Then I guess I must be loving life because I hella love running right now.

What kinds of unplanned things do you do when you go through an endorphin running high?