Home Field Advantage, Freddy Sanchez and Life with Brian

dsc00928 Home Field Advantage

The Giants are road-challenged; they can't seem to win away from AT&T Park, but their record at home is amazing -- 37-16. (Unfortunately for me, I always seems to go to the losing games.)

After today's exciting win that featured the debut of Freddy Sanchez and taking the series versus the Phillies, the Giants' announcers talked about the significance of AT&T Park on the post-game show. Here's my favorite excerpts:

"Its a great place to hit, but just not home runs..." - Dave Flemming (It just goes to show you how amazing Barry Bonds was.)

"Ryan Howard looks like a regular hitter here." - Kuip

"The Giants hitters are perfect for this park" - JT Snow

"Its a great place to hit because its big. This division (the NL West) is a great place to hit cause all the parks are big" - Freddy Sanchez (via Kuip)

"Zito had a dirty curve ball today" - Kruk (by the way: Zito started the offensive rally in the bottom of the 5th)

And the best one of all....

* "You don't need HR's, they're overrated. Chics dig the shut outs baby! Especially ones in San Francisco" - Kruk & Kuip Freddy Sanchez When the trade was made, I listened to Freddy's interview on KNBR and he sounded awfully sad to leave Pittsburgh. A little too sad. It made me wonder how much he really wanted to win. I mean, I'm sure Pittsburgh is a great town and organization, but they have never really recovered from Barry's break-up with them. (Seriously, they are still so bitter.) So I wondered why would he want to stay with a losing organization? Does he have the fire in him to want to win, or is he merely a ball player out to collect a paycheck?

After seeing Freddy Sanchez play today, I'm now excited that he's a Giant. He showed emotion in that bottom of the 5th rally. I liked it. He plays with passion. As fans, its nice to see players play with their hearts on their sleeves; it shows that they care as much as we do. Fans put a lot of time, energy and emotion into their teams (and not get paid for it) so its nice to see that players feel the same way too.

I hope Freddy comes to love San Francisco as much as he did Pittsburgh. San Francisco is a great baseball town and Giants fans are the most loyal fans ever (I mean, what other fans endured night games at Candlestick?). And its great to see #21 at second base again.

(Side Note: It was mentioned that Freddy Sanchez said he knew no one in the Giants organization before coming here. However, Dave Flemming was the announcer in Triple A Pawtucket at the same time Freddy was there. As Dave Flemming said he knew Freddy was going to be great back then. Then Kuiper, in classic form, asked Flem, "Did Freddy know you were good too back then?" It was even funnier when JT started packing up his stuff and walked out of the booth before Flem could finish closing out the show.)

Life with Brian I'm now watching "Life with Brian", Brian Wilson's tv show. Now I'm a big Brian Wilson fan (even though he gives me high blood pressure everytime he pitches in the 9th). I was sad when he deleted his Twitter account (his tweets were kinda funny).

But I really would have enjoyed seeing Joe Martinez's piano playing so much more without Brian's annoying commentary.

Brian, please stop trying to be a cool crazy psycho all the time. Sometimes it just looks forced. Just be normal -- like when you're just kicking it in the dugout answering video questions. Its so much more interesting and enjoyable. More real I guess.

So now the Giants are off to Houston. Hopefully they can make themselves "at home" at Minute Maid Park.

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