Hot Summer Nights

Tonight is one of the few nights of the year in San Mateo where you actually NEED air fact, you actually cry for it. And when you don't have it (like me), you head over to someone else's home who has AC.

San Mateo is known for always being cool and windy, but every summer there's a few days and nights where it gets so hot you feel like you're living in a sauna!

Tonight is one of those nights - the first one of the year. Its almost 10 pm and 78 degrees outside. I am dying in my apartment. I have the ceiling fan spinning like crazy in the living room, and the portable AC unit blasting in the bedroom. And both will be on all night...and all day tomorrow too. I'm not green that way.

I am so not a hot weather person. Everyone always asks me how can that be since I'm from Hawai'i? I answer, "Well I don't live there anymore and haven't lived there since I was 17...." - now you know why...I'm so NOT a hot weather person...oh wait. I said that already...