How To Find Motivation During A Fitness Detox


The best way to recover from Adrenal Fatigue is rest so I've been on a self-imposed fitness “detox.”

What’s a fitness detox?

Its intentionally cutting back {by a lot} on the amount of time spent on and the intensities of my workouts.

But having a Type A, an “all-or-nothing” personality to make the transition. I went from working out all-the-time to turning back into a borderline couch potato.

There were some weeks where my only workout was my weekly private Pilates training session. And that only happened because it was already paid for. To put things into perspective, I ran a whopping total of 24.56 miles in March. Yes, in 31 days I ran less than 25 miles. Even for someone doing a fitness detox that’s pretty sad.

I struggled to find a happy medium.

So I opened my old training journals to remember what were my motivations to workout in the first place (there’s a reason to keep those!). I found that my top three motivators to get moving were:

1. Lose weight

2. Keep up with the Joneses

3. Train for a race

These days the first two aren’t motivation for me anymore.

I've learned that eating foods that work WITH my body did more for my well-being (and kept me at a happy weight) than beast mode workouts. (For the record I hate the word "best mode.")

When that happened I stopped caring about what others are doing and trying to keep up with them. Let me clarify - I care what others do but in an “I’m happy for them but I don’t need to do that myself” kind of way.

So that left training for a race.

I've come to learn that I don't always have to run half marathons or full marathons. Shorter distanced races are just as fun - and less time consuming - to train for.

So I looked up the DSE Runners race schedule and put a few on my calendar.

{For those of you not familiar with DSE Runners, it's a San Francisco running club that puts on weekly races around the Bay Area. They are low-key but well-organized races that cost $3 for members and $5 for non-members. Basically the best deal in town.}

This past Sunday I was to run the DSE Golden Gate Park 10K.

Full disclosure: Two weeks before this race was one of those “I-only-did-Pilates-and-didn’t-run-a-single-mile” weeks. But knowing that this race was coming up motivated me to complete all workouts last week. And while I had no illusions of a PR, I did intend to have fun. I mean, there really is nothing like running during a race!

On Sunday, a friend joined me to run the race. But well, things happen; i.e., logistic snafus and we didn't run the actual race. BUT, we did run the distance in Golden Gate Park and had a blast doing so. And we even stopped to cheer on those who did run the race!

So what’s the point of all this?

1. Its okay - and normal - to take a step back and do a fitness detox on occasion.

2. But that doesn’t mean you should take a complete break.

3. And its okay if its challenging to find a happy medium between doing less vs more.

4. So finding motivators is a good way to keep yourself going - whatever that motivator may be for you.

5. And if its a race, check the start time and register for it advance - don’t procrastinate and wait until race day!

What motivates you to get off the couch and workout?