I Completed the Low FODMAPs Program - Now What?


I just completed my fifth week of following the Low FODMAPs program. And this will be my final post of my initial experience with it. To recap:

  • In Week 1 I provided a daily account of the foods that I ate. I stuck to these meals for most of the program.
  • In Week 2 I shared my introduction to Low FODMAPs and the kind of support I received.
  • In Week 3 I listed five key things I learned.

I didn’t write a Week 4 recap because I wasn’t sure what to do. I knew that its recommend to follow the program for 4-6 weeks. I wasn’t sure if I should begin to reintroduce the foods I had eliminated. With meticulous journaling, I knew what my trigger foods were and I was afraid to start eating them again. I was feeling good, better than I had felt in years! I no longer had IBS symptoms. I lost seven lbs of bloat - my clothes were fitting again! I was sleeping well and I felt more energized. If I knew what my trigger foods were, why reintroduce them?

I felt confused and conflicted. So I postponed writing another post about this until I met with Dr. Ponce, my functional medicine doctor.

At last weeks appointment Dr. Ponce announced that my improvement was phenomenal. She was going to transition me to a maintenance program. After being on various supplements for almost 18 months, I no longer needed them. The only things she wanted me to continue taking are probiotics and a custom herbal blend for adrenal support. I’m convinced that this progress is due to following Low FODMAPs.

When we discussed reintroduction I found that we had the same thoughts:

If I know what my trigger foods are its not necessary to reintroduce them.

She advised that for some trigger foods the issue could be brand-related. For example, almonds - we don’t know how the brand I was eating prepared the almonds. She encouraged me to be open to trying other brands and see how I react to them.

Also, if I’m at a restaurant and want a bite of something, like guacamole (which is not Low FODMAPs) I should feel like I can have a taste - like a spoonful - but not (over) indulge. Then gauge my reaction to it.

I felt much better after discussing this with her, and its how I plan to move forward.

To close out this Low FODMAPs series, I’m pleased with the habits that I’ve developed over the past five weeks.

Through this exercise I’ve opened myself up to new foods - like kale. I used to hate kale, but I’m now the person who buys 5+ bunches a week!

I’ve replaced counting calories with food journaling. Its guided me to be more intuitive with how I feel during my meals - and hours later.

And I’m becoming more creative with the meals I create. Fried plantains with cinnamon and pecans anyone?

If you’re considering following Low FODMAPs, I hope this series provides you with insight of what you can expect from it. Thanks for reading!