I Hate Push-Ups

It’s been a good week:

• Sunday: 2200 meters in the pool in 1 hour flat (first time ever)

• Monday: 45-min of Spin (on my own, not in a class) and a 30-min Core class in the morning, then a yoga class in the evening

• Tuesday: 6-miles with a set of 20 push-ups after each mile

• Wednesday: Strength Training session with my trainer in the morning, and a solo 45-min Spin session in the evening.

And the week isn’t over yet.

The core class that I took on Monday has me hurting. It hurts to breathe, and sleep, let alone laugh. I used to take this class faithfully but haven’t been in a while. A friend of mine, who is an amazing athlete and instructor, teaches it. She had us do partner drills, so I teamed up with my runner friend, Yvette.

First we did medicine ball tosses – one person lies on the floor, the other person stands on their feet and tosses the ball to them, and they have to toss it back. Two sets of 50.

Then we did leg slams. One-person lies on the floor, the other person stands above their head so that the person lying down can hold their ankles while they slam their legs down in all different directions. Two sets of 50.

We ended with individual exercises, a series of crunches, holds; oblique twists with the medicine ball. I forgot how hard her class is; while I was dying, I leaned over to Yvette and said, “She’s crazy!” We’ll the instructor heard me, called me out and made it harder. Lesson learned – keep my mouth shut.

Two days later, you’d think I’d be recovered by now, but I still feel it.

Last night I had a nice, comfortable run at the track. But my coach threw in a set of 20 push-ups after each mile. I’m not a numbers person but I think it comes out to a bazillion push-ups. And I HATE PUSH-UPS. Hate them – with a passion. Every time I do them all I hear in my head is my trainer’s voice saying, “Lower.” Ugh. But I did them. Every single last one of them.

When I got home, I texted Dave (trainer). We had a session scheduled in the morning and I wanted to give him a heads-up that I already did a ton of push-ups and couldn’t be expected to do anymore in the morning. Instead of understanding I get this response, “Sucks to be you.”

So what did he do? Made me do another 5 sets of 15 push-ups. If I calculate correctly (give me a minute, I’m not a numbers person)…195 push-ups in a 12-hour period. That’s a lot for someone who hates push-ups.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to try a new workout for the first time. I’m so excited to try it and hope I can write about how great it is and how much I love it. Then I have a 4-miler scheduled tomorrow evening. My hamstring has been tight today so I’ve been trying to roll and stretch it out.

Once I get through tomorrow, I’m resting until Saturday’s race. As sore and tired as I am, I feel great…but I still hate push-ups.