I Heart My iPhone

As I write this, I'm sitting at a sales event, learning about the best of breed technology, and dying a slow death by PowerPoint. To keep myself (looking) busy, I'm going to write about my favorite piece of technology -- my iPhone! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, my iPhone runs my life; I can't live without it.

I'm more or less addicted to iPhone apps. I peruse the AppStore on a regular basis. Everyone's always asking me for app advice, so let me highlight my favorite ones:

The Home Screen


All my favorites are here:

- Texting - Facebook - Twitter - Camera / Photos

and the two apps I use the most:

1. Calendargoo:This app syncs to my Google Calendar where I can color-code multiple calendars - one for personal appointments (purple) and one for training (pink), that syncs with this blog. I also can share calendars with other people. This app is great - it has so many different syncing and display options and I just love it!

2. Toodledo: I use this app to track my To-Do List. I am list-addicted; if I don't write it down, I'll forget. The app syncs with a web app and I can categorize lists however I want.

Media Stuff


- Flip: syncs with my Flip camera - Boombox Pro: syncs with Blip - Wikipedia: I am constantly looking stuff up on here - Voice Memo: native to the iPhone and I use it to get quotes from people or to notate something that would take too long to type

The two apps I use the most:

- Beejive: syncs with all my instant messenger accounts - Yahoo, Gtalk, Facebook, all of 'em. - Notemaster: syncs with Google Docs which is what I use to write a lot of blog posts, spreadsheets, etc.

Screen 3: This screen has a lot of News apps but the ones I use the most are:


- The Weather Channel: so I can see what the weather is going to be like when going running - Express: to check my horoscope

But I also use the Calculator a lot and the Compass app saved when when I got lost in Golden Gate Park. :)

The Food and Fitness Screen!


I have gotten some smoothies ideas from the Smoothie app and have used the Yoga Stretch app to learn the Sanskrit names of some of the yoga poses. But the two apps that I use the most on this screen are:

- The Grocery app: When ever I remember I need something, I just add it to my list. Its great because you can have lists for multiple stores. I literally walk around Whole Foods with this in hand.

- Sleep Diary: This is the newest app I've downloaded and I love it. I have irregular sleeping patterns - sometimes I sleep like a baby and sometimes I am a walking insomniac. This app helps me to track my sleep so I can see what my patterns are and what could be affecting it.

The Eating Out and Getting Around Screen


I use Open Table, Yelp, and the Tip Calculator app a lot. Fandango and the BART app too. The only person I use the HeyWay app with is my cousin Dahna. We like to tell each other where we are. Not sure why, but we get a kick out of it!

Screen 6: Travel apps


I downloaded the language apps after going to Europe. I had grand ambitions of learning foreign languages but alas, its never come to pass. Instead, I just use these apps when I see my cousins and test them on their French and Italian.

But I do use the Flight Update app. I enter my flight reservations and it tells me if the flights are on-time, delayed, what gates they're at, etc.

And finally, TunesWiki is my guilty pleasure. It plays songs from my iTunes and displays the lyrics at the same time so I can sing along -- iPhone karaoke!

Thanks to the iPhone, I'll never be bored again. I love it, can't live without! (writing this post has gotten me through two morePowerPoint sessions! My iPhone saves me again!)