I Love Challenges!

There's nothing like a good challenge to bring out my competitive spirit and motivate me. I recently joined two challenges and am starting one on my own. Challenge #1: 21 Workouts in 21 Days A few years back, when I was losing a lot of weight, my friend Megan was one of my biggest supporters. She was the one friend who always worked out with me. We spent many a days walking the Dish, going to Pilates, running through Palo Alto, basically whatever we could think of. We were always trying to think of new workouts and new challenges for each other.


We once did a "Biggest Loser" challenge with just the two of us. We brought a scale in to work and kept it at the receptionist's desk so that no one would see our scale. Every Monday morning we would do our weigh-in and report our progress to each other. It was great because we had to someone to be accountable to which made us really stick to the commitment. And the best part about the whole thing was that we had so much fun doing it. Just having Meg there to support me (and commiserate with me) made all the world of difference.

Then Meg moved to So Cal and I lost my workout friend. :(

But just because we live in different cities doesn't mean we still can't have our Challenges. A week ago Megan asked me if I wanted to do a "21 Workouts in 21 Days" with her. Of course I said YES! Basically, she said, "workouts can be anything, any sort of activity that isn't sitting around."

And to track our progress, we are using Google Calendars! Its so convenient because I was already using it to track my Training schedule, so now we just share our calendars with each other and can see how the other is doing. We don't always have the time to chat, call or email every day, but we stay connected through our calendars.


Challenge #2: Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge hbbc_thumb1

This week I came across a blog where the writer is doing a "Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge." Its a competition where contestants can earn points by staying active. With the holidays coming up, this is a great way to stay motivated to be active and burn off the calories that come with holiday treats! I signed up immediately and can't wait for it to start!

It also gave me an idea to start a similar challenge among my family and friends.

Challenge #3: The NJ Challenge My family and friends are always complaining that they need motivation and can't stick to what they start. So I'm inspired to help them and start a challenge for them. I threw the idea out to a couple of them last night (while I was "helping" my cousin pack for their big move on Saturday); the two responses I got were:

1. "What's the prize?" --To which I answered, "Your health", but I'm sure we can collectively think of a fun prize for the winner(s).

2. "You're going to win." --To which I answered, "I won't play, I'll just moderate."

When I got home I sent out a mass email and this morning, I already have takers:

OMG, points!!!!? I LOVE points!!! First, no fair it starts on my birthday right before Thanksgiving, but I got nothing better to do than workout for points!! OH I Should have known you would know just how to motivate me!!!! I just printed this out and put it on my refrigerator lol I totally love you. This is JUST the positive thing I really need right now. I am totally in!!!

We'll start a week from Sunday and go for six weeks which will take us to the end of the year. If they like it, they can continue into the New Year.

My goal is to help them start to make the kind of life changes I made six years ago. Its not easy but when you have a good support system, like I had with Meg, anything is possible!

Check back for progress reports!

PS Playing with the kids is a great way to avoid packing :)


PPS Went on a 5-mile run today. You can read my recap here.