Incomplete Day

My friend Jess just blogged about the different kinds of workouts that we have. Well I did a double workout today (actually, 3 workouts if you consider car racing a sport…and I never did until today), and I think I can classify both of them in the “Others will make you feel a little weak and a lot frustrated” category.

Strength Training

I started the day with a strength training session with Trainer Dave. I had insomnia again and had been up since 3 am so I started the day already tired. And whiney. Which did not go over well since he made me do all the things that I hate doing. You know, side planks, push-ups, shoulder presses with too heavy weights, etc. And not only that, but he also made me do 5 sets instead of the usual 3. These are all exercises that I am more than familiar with so while I whined, it was still all good.

Then he introduced a new workout to me – pikes on a fitness ball.


{image from Women's Health mag}

This were not new in the sense that I didn’t know what they were; I had just not done them before. And when I attempted to, I knew why. They are hard. HARD! I kept falling over. He told me to just do 5, which after many attempts, I managed to do. Thinking my workout was over, I started to relax, and then he told me I had 2 more sets to go. What?!? Ugh! Somehow I managed to get through them, but now that he knows I hate doing them, I know that there will be many more sets of them in my future. Gotta love trainers right? As Dave says, “If I don’t make you do them, who will?

Go Kart Racing

From time-to-time we have team-building activities, aka “off-sites”, aka “forced fun” at work. And today we went Go Kart Racing!

I drive past the Go Kart place every day, to and from work, but have never been because it’s really expensive. So when this activity was scheduled, I was excited to try it…because I’ll try anything at least once!

They had us wear racing gear…


When I got in my Go Kart I was like, “whoa…” and suddenly got a little nervous…


Once we were off, I realized that driving a Go Kart is NOTHING like driving a car.


No clutch, no gears, a really hard steering wheel to turn, no mirrors and a huge helmet with a “head sock” underneath it.

I could barely see and had to pull into the pit stop. As the crew guy helped me he noticed that my feet barely touched the pedals.


After a complete adjustment I headed back to the course.

Did I also mention that I work with a bunch of Type A aggressive people, aka crazy drivers? They were zooming all over the place and even bumped me even though the safety video had said, “no bumping!”

Needless to say:

1. It was a lot harder than it looked 2. I did not go back for a second round 3. I will not be going back for anymore future rounds 4. I have more respect for race car drivers


I left the off-site and got an early start on my run.

So after last night’s post on mental breakdowns, you’d think I would’ve attacked tonight’s run something fierce, right? Didn’t happen. It started off great though…

Despite running last night, my legs felt pretty good. I did more dynamic stretching and used the first mile to warm-up. Then I did 6 sets of quarter mile intervals with a jogging break in-between each one. All good.

Then I had to run another mile at a set pace, and then repeat the 6 sets of intervals, before doing a cool down mile.

Well as I ran that mid-set mile I had to fight to make it through without stopping for a break. Then it hit me – are the interval workouts with recovery jogs causing my “I have to stop mid-way during long runs” syndrome?

Well that mile pretty much killed me mentally. I started the second set of intervals and after just one, decided I hated the whole workout and was done. I stopped running, walked straight to my car, and drove home – never looking back once. And I did not feel bad about it. At all.

But once when I got home, the guilt started to gnaw at me. I recorded the run on Daily Mile, and then went to make something for dinner. In less than 30 minutes I received a handful of supportive comments from fellow Daily Milers. It’s so gratifying to be supported by so many people.

Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to try again.