I am seriously considering changing all of my usernames to "iNJured" because I'm constantly sore. im_not_injured_this_is_just_how_i_run_tshirt-p235312036727678197yxry_400

Yesterday on the Daily Mile, I wrote:

"My plan for today was to run 4.5 miles at an easy pace. I could not even get that far. My left IT band was so stiff, I limped through the first mile and a half and decided to call it quits mid-way through. Quit - now that's a word I hate. I've been icing my leg at work all day and will be rolling and icing tonight. Luckily a storm is moving into the area so I won't be too tempted to try to run again. Can't wait for PT on Wednesday."

Here's a rundown of the said injuries:

* Hammy: nagging injury from the Spring. Went through an 8-week round of physical therapy and successfully ran the Seattle RnR Half in June. Its now flared up again and I know its related to...

* Piriformis: aka a pain in the ass. Going thru PT now and it was actually getting better but I think I might have over done it last week. I logged 25.5 miles last week which I think may have been too much of a weekly increase for my body to handle. Last year yes, this year, no.

* IT Band: This is new; have never had IT Band issues before, but I know its related to the above.

* Foot: this is actually getting better. Still hurts a little but this is the one thing that is getting better.

* Chafing: The only thing that prevents it is using long-sleeved shirts (Body Glide doesn't work for me). I last ran with a short-sleeved shirt, so yeah, chafing sucks.

Its really quite sad. I seriously struggle with finding balance -- to give my body the rest it needs versus feeding my desire to run. Just run. Because its so rewarding and really does feel so good (the hurt doesn't usually come till after).

So now I'm back to spending a whole lot of time icing, rolling, stretching and doing those PT exercises I should have kept up doing but got lazy and stopped. I have my own little rehab center going on in my living room:


- Foam roller - Medicine ball (I use it like a foam roller) - Rolling pin (The poor man's rolling stick) - Theracane - Band - Arnica - Biofeeze

There are those to tell me, "You should just give it up, its not worth it." Ummm, I can't. I love running tooooo much. Its worth the hard work to battle the injuries. Makes me appreciate a good run even more. And I know there are those of you who understand. This is why I love the running community; I get comments like this:

"You didn't quit - you listened. Quitting is not even trying. You tried and your body said, "nope, not today". Hope you feel better soon."

"You weren't being a quitter. You were being smart."

"keep that foam roller and icing coming...good job stopping to prevent injury."


On a brighter note....

Every morning I use my Magic Bullet to make myself a smoothie of:

- Frozen strawberries - A banana - Soy milk - Flax seed oil


This morning I decided to change things up. I tried a new recipe from Dr. Clyde Wilson's Web site. Except my Magic Bullet is not as big as a regular blender so I had to improvise:

Original Recipe: 1 Tbsp nut butter (80 cal) 1 Tbsp flax seeds (100 cal) 1.25 unsweetened soy milk (100 cal) or 1 c nonfat milk (110 cal) 2 c uncooked plain rolled oats (250 cal) 1 medium apple (60 cal) 1/2 c mixed berries (50 cal)

Total: 640 cal

Drink 1/3 for breakfast; 1/3 two hours later; 1/3 for lunch.

Improvised Recipe: 1 Tbsp chunky peanut butter 1 Tbsp ground flax seeds 1 c unsweetened low-fat soy milk 1 c uncooked plain rolled oats 1 c apple slices 1/4 c blackberries Handful of frozen strawberries


The purple color looks weird (the blackberries), but it actually tastes quite good. The ground flax seeds and rolled oats makes for an interesting texture. I'm now inspired to experiment and see what kind of concoctions I can come up with! Maybe its time to invest in a real blender...